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The Future Of E Commerce Essay

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In the current business environment, the use of technology to provide solutions and more opportunities is an inevitable undertaking. This can be attributed to the proliferation of the internet and internet enabled services to most consumers. The e-commerce platform for already established corporations and business is considered an option for the online clients who are increasingly becoming willing buyers of goods and services through the online platform. Ignoring this market and sticking to only traditional markets can lead to severe consequences since it is a fast growing market. Adoption of e-commerce in businesses however should be considered as a balanced approach in targeting a new type of client. This should that organizations should not dismiss the ongoing traditional modes of transaction with their clients.
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Another indomitable fact is the increase in portable devices that offer access to the internet. Just like social media, e-commerce is becoming more popular by the fact that there is an increase in the number of mobile devices. Mobile devices have transformed marketing into a more direct and targeted affair. This means that a person’s preferences can be determined through the use of internet cookies and hence products that they are likely to buy are advertised to them. This increases the chances of selling the product. This makes e-commerce like a growing habit that will not be dropped any time soon because of the convenience it provides to the clients. The availability of diverse payment options makes it easier to pay online and hence e-commerce grows as a favorable means to do business for retailers and also suppliers through electronic transfers.
However, pessimists argue that e-commerce is like n addiction, and like any addiction the practice of e-commerce will be controlled and hence its future is not promising. It is however true that e-commerce will create bad spending habits to clients. This is why the traditional mode of doing business cannot be discarded by the corporations. However, e-commerce will be used to serve a targeted clientele who find it necessary to use e-commerce because of the convenience it provides. This clientele includes the modern day person who accesses all their services via the internet because they are too busy to manually transact the business or because they are located far from the service provider. Due to globalization, this client will always be there and hence e-commerce will always be the preferable mode of transacting business for them.
There is no doubt that the future of e-commerce will be sustainable by the consumer needs and patterns prevailing. E-commerce will not eliminate the walk-in customers and so businesses will only have to integrate e-commerce in their portfolio. E-commerce will however affect the consumer’s behavior and society both positively and negatively. As far as the advantages go, e-commerce offers more benefits to the society and hence its future is sustainable and still expanding.


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