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The Future Of Energy Essay

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Ever since humans have existed they have been interested in one thing—energy. Energy and the use of it has been a big question mark to humans throughout history. Also whenever humans find an energy source they are never satisfied. The human race has always tried to find newer and more effective ways of energy to show their dominance. For hundreds of years humans have fallen in love with fossil fuel energy. These various types of energy are very effective for any needs that humans might have. There are a couple disadvantages that have been exposed that have made us as a human race look for new ways of energy. But these new sources of energy can’t just be new they can’t just be cheaper than fossil fuels but they have to also be more effective and also cleaner for the environment. This limits to what could actually be the new and improved energy source that the human race turns to because if it was easy to figure out and use then it would have already been done. The technology improvements though have allowed the path for a new type of energy though that is starting to catch on fast; this new energy is renewable energy. This type of energy will never run out and is better for the environment because it is using natural things and just making energy out of it. Solar, wind, and hydro power are three major types of renewable energy sources that have started to lead the way in this movement of change, the only question is if they are actually cheaper, more effective, and easier to use.
The first example of a source of renewable energy is solar energy. This type of energy comes from the abundant energy of the sun. How solar energy works is it uses solar panels or solar cells to create and convert solar energy into mechanical energy, which then is converted into electrical energy or used directly. This “green” energy or renewable energy alternative causes a reduction in pollution and has less of an impact on the environment. Solar energy also isn’t limited to any specific location on earth like fossil fuels where certain countries can control other countries because of their abundant supply of fossil fuels. But since on the earth the sunlight is available everywhere that humans live, it would result in a much more peaceful energy source since anyone could get solar energy that wanted it. Also since the sun provides earth with so much energy, “the energy provided by only 20 days of sunlight is equivalent to all the coal, oil, and natural gas reserves” (Union of Concerned Scientists).
This solar energy source and how we capture it still has a lot of room for improvement though. As of right now the solar panels we use don’t always capture all the energy provided by the sun. Most of the time these solar panels only capture about 15% of the total energy provided. Surprisingly though 15% is a huge improvement from the energy that was provided from the original solar panels that were created in the 1950’s that used silicon and only converted 4% of the...

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