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The Future Of Fracking Essay

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The Future of Fracking
Imagine the economy in America improving, more jobs and cheaper gas prices. Well that is what hydraulic fracturing is predicted to do. Some states are already using this method and seeing all kinds of changes. You may think this sounds like great news, however the cons of fracking out weigh the pros. Hydraulic fracturing is environmentally unsafe. Hydraulic fracturing cause’s earth quacks, decreases property value. More serious problems are water pollution and effects humans’ health.
Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as fracking, is defined as “a process in which fractures in rocks below the earth's surface are opened and widened by injecting ...view middle of the document...

d., p.2). Some states are already making bans on fracking.
One major problem related to fracking is earthquakes. Fracking involves injecting chemicals and large amounts of water into the ground with pressure opening the earth’s surface. Since fracking takes place underground it is hard to control what effect is has on the earth. An article titled “Ohio town's first earth tremors tied to fracking” points out that before fracking began in Youngstown, Ohio, in 2010 there had never been any earthquakes. By 2011 Youngstown had 109 earthquakes. Since fracking has stopped in this area no more earthquakes have been reported (Ohio par. 2).
Earthquakes are also reported in Texas where fracking is also taking place. According to Smith, “Study: Eagle Ford Texas earthquakes linked to fracking” the earthquakes are happening from the water being pushed in the ground. “Enough liquids are being disturbed that rocks are settling and faults slipping, causing the small earthquakes” (Smith, 2013, par, 6). Because fracking is taking place underground there is no way in telling the true damage that fracking is doing, but it is obvious that fracking is causing earthquakes.
People who live in fracking areas are experiencing decreased property values according to brochure titled “Hydraulic Fracturing.” The reason property values are decreasing is because of the contamination to the land. Insurance companies are unaware of the chemicals being used and the extent of the damage fracking causes. Therefore homeowners cannot insure their property. If anything was to happen to their home or property they would not be able to protect it and would be forced to pay out of protect if they could afford it. A more serious issue for homeowners is banks are now denying them to take out mortgagees. This will cause many families to lose their homes and become homeless. Fracking negatively effects the housing market.
Amy Goodman is also aware of earthquakes caused by fracking, focuses on water pollution in her article “Breaking the sound barrier: burning tap water? Time to crack down on fracking.” Goodman points out that due to the government allowing loopholes for hydraulic fracturing companies they are exempt from “The Safe Drinking Water Act” (Goodman, 2010, par. 4). Since the government has allowed for these loopholes, the 600 chemicals used in the processes are not disclosed to the public, and water pollution is accruing in fracking areas (Goodman, 2010 par.9). In fact, one man recorded a film titled “Gasland” where he can set fire to his tap water. The man in the film lives in area of Colorado where fracking is taking place (Goodman, 2010, par. 1). A main chemical that is known to be used in the chemical cocktail of fracking is methane fuel which...

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