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The Future Of Genetic Engineering In Babie Is In Our Hands

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Youssef Ryeiss
Designer Babies Group
The Future of Genetic Engineering in Babies is in Our Hands

The idea of designer babies has been around for a very long time, in various media, video games all the way to on-screen movies. Only recently through massive breakthrough of technology and science can genetically modified babies actually be possible for the future. The definition of the expression ‘designer baby’ is “a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering combined with invitro fertilization to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics.” (Oxford University, 2005) This type of technology has been around for little over 10 years, but has just started branching to human beings. Farmers and growers use genetic engineering in their flowers and crops to “produce organisms that will possess desirable characteristics, such as high crop yields, resistance to disease, high growth rate and many other phonotypical characteristics that will benefit the organism and species in the long term.” (Butler, 2012) There is a large debate if using this type of technology on the human race is ethical. People who disagree with this technology declare limits on science with a moral or religious standpoint. The group of citizens who agree with genetic engineering in babies feel that guidelines will be applied to prevent foul play with human genes and characteristics.
Theoretically, the science allows a “creative author” to have the ability to give a child any characteristics they would like, physical and non-physical. For example, the function to make a child smarter, quicker, larger in physical strength, control how they look and act is in scenario for scientist today. Because of scientific advancements in technology in the past, such as Crick and Watson, two scientist responsible for creating a glossary and vocabulary of our DNA, the future of genetic engineering is growing larger every day. (Heritage, 2012) A process called InVitro fertilization makes characteristics in babies able to be changed before birth. InVitro fertilization, or IVF, is when a couple chooses a specific sperm that will fertilize a female egg, astonishingly, it is all done in a petri dish at laboratory. This process allows the sex of the baby to be chosen, and allows scientist to see the genes before birth, reducing the risk of genetic diseases. The fertilized egg will sit in the dish for a couple days after the sperms has been injected using a very small needle. Then, using multiple embryo plantation, the egg gets implanted back into woman. Scientist and or doctors will perform ultrasounds after to see which embryos are healthy for parents to keep, an amazing process!
Imagine you and your significant other walking into a doctor’s office, and choosing through a books of various traits, physical and non-physical for your new baby to have. These traits would be examples such as hair color, eye color, height of your child, muscles or...

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