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The Future Of Humanity Essay

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Where will mankind go the Earth can no longer sustain the entire population? This is the question that has been plaguing the mind of scientists ever since the exponential growth of the human population. Through decades of research and searching the stars for answer, we may have found one close to us: Mars. The Red Planet was once much like Earth, before the majority its atmosphere leaked into space. Many scientist still believe that there is water underneath the soil and new data from the current Mars Rover has backed up that belief.
Unfortunately, it is looking less and less likely that Earth will be enough to support growing populations and decreasing resources. Not only is the Earth ...view middle of the document...

It is expected to carry 4-6 crew members on the voyage.
One of the biggest challenges humanity faces on Mars is surviving it's harsh landscape and vague atmosphere. One of the newest ideas that scientists have is to release greenhouse gases to raise the temperature of the planet, which would cause the frozen water in the soil to melt into drinking water. Once the atmosphere is strong enough, the colonists could start growing plants, which would produce oxygen that humans could breath. The next step would be actually producing food on mars, instead of wasting rockets to resupply the colony. That would be a relatively easy task, once there is water and an atmosphere.
The privately organized Mars One project has envisioned ways of achieving all the fore mentioned challenges, with only existing technologies. They are a bit more ambitious in their pursuit of Mars colonization, as they hope to beat NASA to the Iron Planet. They want to be living on Mars by 2024! They have an unmanned test mission set for 2018. They plan on using the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket to get there. They are relying heavily on private donations and Government Grants to get their mission accomplished.

There is also a new technology that is still in testing, but is showing lots of promise. It's called a Solar Sail. It works by pushing the spaceship through solar "winds" produced by the stars. It's not very fast, but it has no energy input, which could save billions of dollars a year as space travel grows bigger and goes further into the void.
One of the...

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