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The Future Of Internal Combustion Essay

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For over a century people have relied on automobiles, planes and trains as means of transportation, industry and agriculture, it has become such a successful necessity in the modern world that it has become a need for people to use them to get by. Now sure the three basic means of transportation are entirely different in the way the function and their use. All of these means of transportation would not be possible without this invention transportation could not be possible, The Internal Combustion Engine. You might be wondering what is exactly is an Internal Combustion Engine? It’s actually a simple concept but the way it’s performed can becoming very complex. The function of is to create a pulling force through a controlled explosion of compressed air and fuel inside a combustion chamber which then pulls a crank. Depending on what type of platform the engine is on will determine what the crank turns, for an example in a car the crank then turns either a front or rear axle which that axle transversely turns a wheel. In order for this engine to function in needs three elements - air, fuel and spark and without one of these elements the engine will not function, so it takes precise timing and careful planning by the Engineers to make the engine work as required.
The invention of the Internal Combustion Engine has completely altered and changed not only the way we transport ourselves through automobiles, planes and trains but also at the way in which Industry evolves and with it closes the gap from an agricultural economy to an Industrial economy. As Modern technologies advanced through the 18th and 19th century the internal combustion people have relied on its power. The Internal combustion engine is not simply a Over 150 years ago Belgian born engineer Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir invented and patented one of modern history’s most, world altering inventions, The world’s first Gas Driven-Internal Combustion Engine. His design was the blueprint for which all modern day vehicles still use today. Simply it was the first spark-ignition internal combustion engine to be fueled on a form of petroleum, which at the time was Coal Gas. 20 years later German industrial designer Gottlieb Daimler built the first true modern gas engine which design which eventually used to power Karl Benzs four wheel gas powered carriage, this design although altered heavily for modern use the same basic principles are still in heavy use today.
Despite how useful and life changing the Internal Combustion Engine has become, in more recent years it has been proven to cause Greenhouse gases and warm up vital temperature depending areas on our planet such as the North and South Pole. However one may speculate if there are far worse contributions from other Inventions, the Internal Combustion Engine is a leading contributor such environmentally damaging such Acid rain, through its emitting of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxid. However over the past 40 years, the EPA or Environmental...

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