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The Future of ManagementIn today's business world, as in the past, and in the future, the role of management who can bring success to an organization and guide the organization to meet future challenges is essential. Management role will be more complex and very critical to the organization's success. Managers will have to become more knowledgeable workers and will be expected to do more than just manage. The middle or upper management will be faced with innovating new ideas to implement changes while keeping employees productive, challenged, and happy as well as increasing the organization's profits. Many organizations will continue to place tremendous emphasis on quality improvement efforts, utilization of information technology, and management challenges. The purpose of this paper is to differentiate between management and leadership, describe emerging management trends, and examine how the four functions of management will change in the future.Management and leadership are similar in some ways, but very so different. They both decide what needs to be done; they create networks or teams of people and relationships to complete projects or daily tasks while ensuring that employees accomplish these tasks. Leadership also has implementation process of aligning people to a desired vision as well as inspiring employees to follow that vision. Leadership does not provide consistency, but creates change through developing a vision of the organizational future as well as strategies to achieve that vision.Management oversees the work of their employees. In a successful management role, managers coach, nurture, and empower workers to use their skills and expertise to provide a positive outcome. Managers also inspire efficiency, productivity, and creativity by providing direction as well as their support. For example, managers focus on various training programs, such as communication skills, technology, knowledge, problem solving, mission, vision and values. Management performs the yearly competence assessment by evaluating their employee's performance. In addition, managers direct their energy towards goals, resources in order to simplify the process, and reduce operational expenses. Also, managers must be able to adapt to new changes and business philosophies.An article written by Elie Botaris (2003) discusses emerging key trends, such as e-learning, leadership development, project management, and focus learning. These trends will link learning to an organizational strategy and will aid in aligning it with the goals and values of the organization (Botaris, 2003). The learning trends will meet the need of an organization and improve employees' productivity and efficiency in order to lead to future growth and success. The...

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Future of Management Essay

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Future of Management Essay

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The Future Of Management Essay

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