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The Future Of Our Kids Essay

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Addiction is one of the worst diseases that are happening all over the world. They are coming in different forms, and attacking different age groups. Our society is conscious of the many drugs addiction people are encountering; however when we think of addiction the word game glides in front of us. Our society is accustomed to see drug related addictions, which are being popularized by today’s society. Many of our young children and teens are being attracted to video game addiction. This is thanks to the amount of time that they are spending in video games. Video game addiction has increase among our youth. Their physical and mental health is being affected. Even though I love playing video games for multiple hours, I also believe that there should be limits and restrictions on their time spend playing video games to help stop this growing epidemic.
Many kids are playing great amount of video games, causing them to lose sleep and many other activities. For instant in the Article “Kids & Video Game Addiction” By Tammy Darling, provides parents with warning signs of video game addiction. For example: “fantasizing or talking excessively about game characters or missions when not playing, lying about or hiding how much time is spent playing, losing interest in sports and hobbies, choosing games over time with friends, and plummeting grades.” In other words kids are devoting their life to video games. For instant 8.5% of 8 to 18 year old gamers can be considered pathologically addicted. As a result we should create restriction on the amount of game time that they should be allowed to play continuously. In my opinion adding video game restriction can be easily done. Now in days video game developers can create software in to the video game that prevents the gamers from play long hours and only allowing them to play certain amount of time. If video game restrictions are not enforced soon, we will see a growing percentage of video game addiction; therefore we need to avoid our kids destroy their health and from becoming parasite of our society.
Video game addiction can not only be left to video game creators to be fixed. Parents are not enforcing restrictions on their kids, on the other hand some parents are worried about their kids as show in the article by Mark Griffiths “online video gaming” parents are sending emails asking question such as can children become addicted to online game? . Mark Griffiths explain the core components of addiction and how they are relative to online gaming which appear to be the largest contributor of video game...

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