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If individuals are not careful, technology will eventually overtake humankind. Ray Bradbury dives into this theme in his short story, "The Veldt." In general, writers develop their theme by using various literary elements. This is the case in "The Veldt," however, the story's theme is also built through its science fiction genre. Bernardo puts this into light, saying that "Bradbury's poetic style transports the reader out of the everyday world and into a fantasy world, often reminiscent of the unchecked imagination of childhood." This fantastical style can be found throughout Bradbury’s other works, including Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes.
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When George Hadley first experiences the African veldt, Bradbury writes: “That sun. He could feel it on his neck, still, like a hot paw.” The feeling of the paw may only have a small effect on George Hadley at that specific time. However, this paw foreshadows the power of the nursery holding down the Hadleys at the end of the story, eventually leading to their death. Kattleman comments on this quote, saying that “This simile… heighten[s] the description of George’s sensation by making the sun’s heat seem much more tangible.” While the heat experienced in the nursery may not have a lasting effect on George, it represents the growing power of the nursery that will eventually overtake the Hadleys. Not only does Bradbury use foreshadowing in the atmosphere of the African veldt, but also through the auditory imagery found throughout the story.
The sounds throughout “The Veldt” play a large part in foreshadowing the incidents at the end of the story. As the nursery begins to act abnormally, George and Lydia Hadley hear screaming noises coming from inside. Mr. and Mrs. Hadley soon discuss the screams. “‘Those screams--they sound familiar.’”
“‘Do they?’”
“‘Yes, awfully’”(Bradbury).
These screams sound awfully familiar because they are their own. This represents the nursery slowly becoming a part of them as it begins to take over their lives. To go more in depth into the conversation, “Now the screams are not only awfully familiar, but also familiar as well as awful”(Kattelman). This wording foreshadows the awful events yet to come and hints to readers of the dangers that lie ahead. Through the foreshadowing in both the atmosphere of the African veldt and the sounds throughout the story, Bradbury...

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