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The Future Of This World Essay

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Sankeerth TalabathulaDr.Paul LeeEnglish 1301-1111/20/2013The Future of this World The will of an individual to excel in life is indisputable; however, the question is weather the individual exceling truthfully or not? Due to the high expectations and high pressure on students, students tend to lack authenticity. In current society every aspect of a student success is based on placement tests and GPA. This approach is profound if the tests are only in the area of the student's interest, however, students currently are supposed to tackle all kind of attributes. The pressure on students to get high score on SAT is immense due to the SAT playing a pivotal role for college admission. This pressure, as Kadaroo refers in the article "SAT cheating scandal", encourages students to cheat. There are also other reasons why student cheat. As Ed Dante argues that "English-as-second-language student; the hopelessly deficient student" have no skill in writing essays therefore they cheat in order to keep up with the course. Both articles talk about students cheating neither of the articles argue cheating is acceptable or not but some of the reasons might make one believe cheating is tolerable. However it questions the authenticity of an individual. To survive cheating might seem forgivable, but there is no originality in the work, no fairness and it affects the society in the future. This is a potential problem because the people that shape the future are the current students, therefore, if the current students are lacking authenticity then what is the conditions of the future?Competition in today's world is massive, when it comes to college admissions students are in great amount of pressure. Tests such as SAT, ACT and others play essential role not only in getting accepted "but also on the type of grants or other financial aid they receive"(Khadaroo, 2). Due to this pressure cheating on these tests could be prone to happen, " about 2.3 million SAT tests in a given year, cancels about 1,000 of those scores, primarily because of students copying answers"(Khadaroo,2). The 1000 scores that get cancel are the obvious ones, what about the students that cheated and get away with it? In every exam or test not every student that cheat get caught therefor it affects the students that truly work hard and achieve the scores. In current world's competition, little difference in scores can play a pivotal role in who gets the admission and who doesn't. Khadaroo mentions of a student named Eshaghoff, who was assumed of taking SAT behalf of other students, scored 2100 out of 2400. This score could potentially get a student accepted in a high ranked college. However that is not righteous to other students. For example; a student that worked hard for all high school years, studied consistently, and prepared for the test with dedication gets a 2050 would get rejected because they would pick the student with the 2100 score thinking he has more potential but in reality he doesn't...

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