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The Future Of Transportation: Alternative Energy, Fuel Mileage And Preventive Maintenance

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The future of transportation is as bright as the sun. Car types and styles are ever so changing in our world today. Nothing is constant. Manufacturers are constantly breaking the mold and designing fresh new ideas for how we get from place to place. From body styles to engine types, things are changing. But body styles aren't the only things limited to change. The very way we move ourselves is changing. Traditional combustion engines are being replaced with newer and more efficient ones, and in some cases, they are being replaced altogether. These electric cars, and how our government pushes for them, are what I want to discuss in this research paper. Our nation’s government wastes money every year by subsidizing alternative fuels, that aren't even cost effective; while they should be putting their emphasis on electric cars. In 2006, the Bush administration spent $160 million on researching and subsidizing the hydrogen fuel cell. Scientists have found that the concept proves a valid way to resolve our ever growing energy crisis, but the availability isn't there. There simply is not enough isolated hydrogen naturally occurring in nature. Obama’s alternative fuel act of 2011, sent them in another direction, Ethanol. Alcohol-based fuel made by fermenting and distilling starch crops, such as corn is not a new concept. But is it cost effective? Furthermore, is it even practical? With our world’s ever growing demand for food, using corn or sugarcane as fuel to put into our cars almost seems like a waste. With hunger and starvation on the rise in certain parts of the world, many people think that using food items as fuel is wrong.
Based on new research, new research being: (practical ‘hands on’ experience in lab settings) items have been decided to increase fuel efficiency and better gas mileage. Replacing air filters, fuel filters, and spark plugs on a routine schedule, play an instrumental role in aiding fuel efficiency. Even simple things such as changing one’s oil and filter can keep an engine running cooler and smoother. Many people would not consider a vehicle’s cooling system to affect fuel mileage; yet it does. A “stuck open” thermostat will not allow an engine to warm up, thus causing it to remain in a “rich running” state. When an engine runs rich, the coveted 14.7:1 air-fuel ratio is traded for the immediate need of high fuel consumption. This high fuel consumption obviously causing terrible MPG. In the age we are in today, we are forced to deal with the current mpg we get, what if we could get better than the manufacturer specified? While this paper is not geared to disprove that myth, the information provided is designed to help teach vehicle owners the importance of preventive maintenance.
According to a BMW technician forum,, many manufacturer specific maintence items can prevent engine damge, and increase longevity and fuel economity. Improving maintenance and keeping key components in check...

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