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The Future Of Web Designers And Developers

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The brief history of Computers started with a gigantic machine to a big box on the desktop, and finally to present time a laptop. These where ways to access the worldwide Internet. Do to consumer’s demand the laptop was convenient because you can be on the go and be able to access the internet form your lap.
Cellphones started being notice being only used in the car. It was still called telephone and then you hand big bricks which were called cellphones. Very popular in the 80’s in the urban hip-hop culture of America. Internet websites where not as popular as the flip phone. The users where now using a 2G second-generation phone with small access to the Internet. The SMS/ Text were a big deal because before we used the pager to access communication faster between person to person. This was a popular fad because instead of talking on the phone late night, now you can text 24 hours. Cellphones advertisement about using internet just from your hand was all over billboards and TVs. Now more people starting to use cellphones because it was cheaper than a landline house phone. Computer Science engineers development a different circuit board to hold more information and data, which made the cellphone more users friendly. Now because USA is on a different net than the other world like Japan began to produce more new technology in 2g,3g and now 4g cell phones. Web Developers started to pick up more after 2000. More software develops to create website easier and users’ friendly.
Technology advancement in both computer and smartphone began to change the way people started to function in their everyday lives. Most business person would carrier a laptop computer and smartphone now. Here in USA more people use smartphones than PC. This happen because smartphones have more apps to access a certain business or entertainment company website or game page. When a developer creates a website before the cellphone could not access the full website because of some files being too big or software was not compatible. Now with HTML 5 and cellphone or tablet mode the full website could be access with all graphics being seen.
With more advancement with new technology, there came also the smart babies or children. More kids start to use cell/ smartphone and tablets. Because of this trend, more people are using the smartphones. Develop of social media such as Facebook help more consumer demands want website out with the old Myspace and in with responsive design an internet access that is compatible with all devices. The there is a need for more website developers. The three most common ways users move between devices are: to search again on the second device, to directly navigate to the destination site, and more email to send themselves a link to revisit later. Because of smartphone apps user on the internet, web designers and developers now have a demand to create more user interface apps that are very effective. This change the shift from pc to...

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