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The Future World Order Essay

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The future world order
There were a talk on ‘the future world order’ which is held on 23 march in Hall A, UUM Convention Centre. This talked was conducted by three panelists. First talk was given by Professor Ken Booth, the second talked was given by Professor Dato. Dr. Zakaria Ahmad and the last talked was given by Professor Arujunan Narayanan. This talked was held for three hours and it was a great opportunity for the students to know more about future world order.
The talked was started by Professor Ken Booth and he started his speech with giving definition for what is the future world order is. According to Professor Ken Booth the future world order is a pattern of activity in human ...view middle of the document...

Consumerism includes people vote, community activities and consumer items.
Professor Ken Booth also emphasize on eleven unfolding stories of the world. His first unfolding story is sovereignty. According to him sovereignty is “who rules will dominate the state”. The people more power in controlling the state will dominate the state in upcoming decades. In this he explains about the power of a country to dominate the world. The dominant country must be dominant in the world economy and that can be proof the achievement of the country.
The second point of his unfolding stories is identity. According to Professor Ken Booth identity is important to identify “who are we and who are they”. Identity also makes the people more conscious about the important of identity. As a human being we need identity to proof who we are. We also need to understand about the traditional identity of a country. This is because nationalism arising in every part of the world. Not only that Professor Ken Booth highlight that religious identity is more important. In international relation religious becoming declining factor.
The third unfolding story is hierarchy. It is shows about government ranking by ecclesiastical rulers. It will be the question who will dominate decades to come. As we all know in government they have their own hierarchical system. The rules will be in the top of the hierarchy and follows by others.
Major war is the next unfolding story of Professor Ken Booth. Here he explained about the war between other countries. There are rumours of war in the world now. He also gave an example of China and US and Russia and US where he linked this countries to major war and power between the countries.
The next story is about story of revolt and revolution. To explain this he gave an example of Arab Spring. The Arab Spring is a term for the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests, riots, and civil wars in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010. It revolt against corrupts government and system.
The sixth unfolding story is global governance. It is include of all the global problems. To solve this problem he said that government and non-government needs to work together. To overcome these problems international organization are created every year since 1965 and he also state that self-interest should gave an important. Even though it is important to work together but the collective decision making does not developed.
Nature also one of the unfolding story of future world. Here he explains about inability in climate change. The develop countries manipulated the world climate. He also related self-unit with nature of world order.
Other than that, political economy is one of the unfolding story of future world. Here he talked about political economy in global town. This political economy which is trying of capitalism.
The ninth story is individual. It is about struggle of people with the world problem and future of world. People have their own...

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