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Ever since I started working out sophomore year I have seen an incredible increase in muscle mass and power intensity. Because of VPE I now work out almost everyday and keep myself physically fit. Proof of this is shown in my fitness scores where as a freshman I started out doing nearly 50 crunches and 10 pullups and I'm now doing consistently 100 crunches and 20 plus pull ups. I have taken a liking to lifting and the gym rat lifestyle. I now consistently take protein supplements and not only does it help with post workout soreness but also improves energy throughout the day. Lately and more recently than ever lifting has become a significant part of my life, my family and I have invested in ...view middle of the document...

After each set slightly raising the weight of the exercise being performed is a good way to increase your lifting potential.

(everyday is abs day)
Chat and triceps
Cardiovascular, mile run
Shoulders and back
Elliptical and bike
Biceps and forearms

This plan is pretty simple and easy to follow the only problem I could possibly see within the next few years would be injuries. If I am injured in a way that will not allow me to perform the exercises needed on that day that day will then be dedicated to rehabilitation and rest day. Having a job or being a parent are other very important factors that could play a role in interfering with the becoming the hulking Titan that I plan to be. I guess my kids my boss and my future wife will have to accept the fact that those things come secondary to my gains.

In regards to my eating and dietary plans for the next few years I plan to bulk during the winter season and cut down in the spring season. During bulking season I still plan to eat healthy, chicken breast and rice will be the primary diet. It is high in protein and carbohydrates and is the way to go. During cutting season or in the springtime I plan to cut calories by 500 in order to lose a little extra weight from bulking season. And during both of these times I plan to continue to take protein as a bulking and...

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