The Gallipoli Gamble What Were The Factors That Led To It's Failure?

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I believe that the Allied Forces gamble at Gallipoli, to attack Constantinople and force Turkey to back out of the war failed miserably, due to such an ill thought out plan, terrible planning skills and bad organization.'s original idea, was simply to send in the Navy, without the support of the army as well, this actual plan began in February, two months before the army got involved as well. Lord Fisher did not want to send in his best ships, because he thought they would be needed against Germans in the Baltic. He was worried that the ships might be damaged or sunk by Turkish guns, which, three ships actually were., with the army now involved, the plan was that the Allied Troops, would have landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula, they would have then taken control of the Turkish forts stationed in the Dardanelles, and cross overland into Constantinople. Meanwhile, as they crossed overland, the Navy could then sail through the Dardanelles, and attack constantinople from the sea. If the plan had succeeded, it could have forced Turkey out of the war, leaving Germany weaker, and then some neighboring countries, Greece and Bulgaria, might have joined the was on the side of the Allied Nations. Allied Forces would then have been to strong, and would have forced Austria out of the war, leaving Germany completely on it's own in the war. This bold plan could have won the war for the Allied Forces, yet it failed miserably. This was due to many things.mission to land at Gallipoli, was a complete disaster, bad organization meant the mission itself lost many lives, The British believed Constantinople could be taken in three weeks, instead, it lasted ten months in all, and the Allied Forces failed in their objective.believe the emission's biggest flaws were due to poor command, and very bad planning and organization.British believed constantinople could have been taken in three weeks, it is believed that the reason for this is because they assumed the Turkish Forces were disorganized and poor soldiers. However, with such poor planning on the Allied Forces part, they failed to notice that every Gallipoli beach was in easy range of Turkish gunners, and that many beaches were surrounded by high cliffs, making military advances extremely difficult.of the Officers did not even have experience at leading troops, and one man, General Hamilton was appointed by Lord Kitchener, the Secretary of State for War, as Commander in Chief of land forces at Gallipoli. Though an experienced soldier himself, Hamilton was not given a proper briefing. Armed with only an old map, a tourist guide book, little information from the Turkish desk at the foreign office, and a 1912 manual on the Turkish Army, he had no idea how to establish a supply base. Sir Ian Hamilton, was in a battleship a long way from the beaches, and could not co-ordinate the attacking forces, thus officers told their landing troops to simply dig trenches and prepare for Turkish attack.officer, Sir Frederick Stopford,...

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