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Blood fell in sync with rain that night. And she heard. The muffled scream behind a killer’s hand, as it echoed though the obsolete, abandoned house. The sudden silence stung her heart and ears like a sharp knife, slicing through her skin. Even the drips of the blood echoed, as it hit the hard wood floor. Each drip felt like a lifetime, as if time slowed down in-between each one. But it was merely a distraction to her as her heart hammered against her chest and thoughts raced through her mind. However for him, it was an advantage. He knew exactly what to do. As if he could see right into her head. It was a usual routine.
Now, she was running. Earlier she was cautious of the creaking wooden floors, stepping with caution, but not now. There was no time. She glanced back and the tall, skinny black figure that was only metres away from her. He was lightly humming and taking slow but long strides.

Suddenly, he disappeared into the walls. Or maybe it was door. Her heart started to thud even more and she slowed down to take in what just happened. The thunder roared and there was a bolt of lightening; just as she turns back around, a lifeless, bony figure engulfs her. She doesn’t even have the chance to scream. He’s captured her.

A shiver creeped down her spine. . She tried to lift her head but it felt heavy and numb, and it just fell back. She groaned in pain with the tight rope grazing against her ankles and her wrist.
Unexpectedly, a bright light turned on. Looking up she was nearly blinded by it, and lifting her head up just made her more dizzy. It was hanging from a single string right above the chair she was tied to, lightly swinging with a faint screeching sound… to the hum of a familiar voice. Her head jerked to the side. There was a man, and his back was to her. He was standing in front of a small table, and posture was slightly hunched. He was covering the one item that was on the table, but now and then it would catch the light and reflect. He had what looked like a white handkerchief in his hand, but as he turned it around slowly… It was everywhere. Smeared across the crisp white surface, the red, thick-...

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