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The Game Of Fate And The Pain It Has In Store

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What is worse: a dead father or a father that could die at any time? I was 16yrs old in April when my dad started acting funning. The day started off like any other day; my brother William and I were eating breakfast, since dad didn’t work on weekends, he made us breakfast. After breakfast we started to notice that dad was acting strange when he stared asking for the horse cow, and a lot of different stuff. We don’t ow a horse, cow, and half the stuff he wanted. Then he asked for his cell phone, but he didn’t call it a cellphone; he called it something really weird. He called my Aunt Robin. She came over with her friend Barb. Aunt Robin saw that dad was paler than normal, like as what as this paper. She called the ambulance as fast as she could. They came and dad was reluctant to go but Robin convinces him to go and I went to Robin’s house. Then the very next day was school. I hated that I had to go to school while my dad was in the hospital. After a couple of days, we learned that Dad had a stroke, several actual. The doctors said he wasn’t feeling anything on the right side of his body. Robin called the hospital several times a day, morning, noon, and night. After about month Dad could move aging. Another couple of weeks went by and Dad was let lose to come back home, but he had to take a lot of medican for his stroke. The doctor said that a stroke like what dad had would have killed most people. We were so happy to have dad back, but what we didin’t know was that dad sickness crawling back.
It was May and we were taking William to Mom’s house for the summer. I didn’t want to go because someone had to look after Dad. A week or 2 passed and Dad went to work talking all confused saying it was snowing and he had to drive William and me to school. A couple things are wrong with what he said. First of all, it was summer time so we had no school and second is that there no snow in summer. My Aunt Betty called Robin and she picked me up from the house. We drove to the Float Stream and conviced, or tricked, Dad to go to the hospital in Donathin. He asked Robin for a cigarette and Dad hasn’t smodked in over a year. When we got him to the hospital parking lot, he...

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