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The Game Of Love Essay

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Love is defined as the feel of tender affection for somebody (Encarta Dictionary). In the olden days, love had always been bounded by many rules set by the court of love in France. These rules are both approved and disapproved by different characters of the era. The wife of Bath both approves and disapproves the 4 laws through her 5 lovers; Sir Gawain both approves and disapproves the laws through his Knight’s honor code. However, in our globalized world, people consider love as liberal and not dictated by laws.
I believe that the four rules of Courtly love from the middle ages are concepts that can still be applied in the modern society. Originally, these rules were made for a successful marriage that was perceived as one that brought financial advantages to the participant and their families. During that era, love was unrelated as many marriages are arranged marriages. Despite the origin of the courtly love, it provides us good concepts about love and romance. The first rule stated that “No one can be bound by a double love”. This law tells us about the belief that humans shall only have one love and not do polygamy. Unfortunately, this phrase disagreed with the Islamic laws as they permitted one man to marry four women. In contrast, Christians believed that there can only be one love for humans as love is brought together by God and that it is inseparable by humans. Even though there are different views regarding this issue, I agree with having only one life companion. Having one life companion allows us to have less financial and moral burden of supporting the family and therefore, making our lives better. Another law stated that “the easy attainment of love makes it of little value; difficulty of love makes it prized”. This phrase examines that the harder to get loved from somebody, the higher its value. In my opinion, I agree with this phrase and can be symbolized as a trophy. When someone craves badly for love which is hard to get, the person will try harder to achieve his goals. Eventually, when the person gets the love, he or she will get the feeling of joy, happiness and excitement similar to that of winning a trophy. Therefore, the harder attainment of love will make it highly prized. A third law stated that “A new love puts to flight an old one”. The phrase tells us that when we get a new love, we will forget the old love. I believe that this law is true and applicable in our modern lifestyle. For example, when a person finds a new love, he or she will forget his or her past relationships and move on with the new life. Therefore, it can be stated that a new love lets us forget all our old relationships. A fourth law stated that “if love diminishes, it quickly fails and rarely revives”. This quote tells us that if there is a breakdown in love, the relationship will be torn apart and that there will only be a small chance of bringing them together again. I believe that this quote is not true and that many troubled relationships has...

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