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Crack! Arthur rolled over in his bed clumsily and knew that there was no way he would ever be able to get back to sleep. The sharp sounds of gunshots were heard often and the shooters almost never missed their target. Death was common here, and awakening to the sound of the crack left an image in his mind. He tried to push the vision of death out of his head, but the strange dream clung to him in his consciousness and it did in his sleep, and left him with a deep sense of disquiet. “No!” he said out loud to the empty house, and stepped out of bed. His dream was too fantastic, too magical, too futuristic to be possible, and he didn’t hold with such nonsense. “Shake it off,” he told himself ...view middle of the document...

The only upside of the Energy Emergency was that World War III and IV had both ceased, due to high energy prices. Everyone knows how much energy killing others takes. So the world did not go up in a mushroom cloud, as many had feared, but starvation and deadly storms were becoming more and more frequent. The only subjects taught in schools were science and math, due to the increasing drive for a solution to the crisis that kept the world with baited breath. This is where Arthur comes in.
He was just an average appearing forty-seven year old with male pattern baldness. What was once flaming red hair was now tinged with gray. It was not the green color of his eyes that you noticed, but rather that his eyes had an air about them that told you he knew something about the world. He was lean and strong, but not undernourished like most. What was important about him and what was different about him was where he came from.
Before the world was consumed by global warming in the 20th century, there was a program known as “selective mating”. During the Second World War, Germany created a race of superhumans by selectively mating “superior” humans. These superhumans went into hiding after facing persecution after the war. But, in the early 21st century, they resurfaced. They had been hiding in the northern tip of Scandinavia. They were able to easily live in the frigid temperatures due to their superior genetics. The superhumans returned when they were needed most. The world was falling apart. Wars were raging, people dying and even more starving. There were rebellions, but they were fruitless. So were many harvests.
But then they came, these superhumans. Bringing ideas, intelligence, wit, humor, and grace with them. It was no wonder that they gained power so quickly and without question. But, they began to use their power and imitating their creator, Adolph Hitler. They began to blame those who put them into exile for all the misfortunes they had come upon....

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