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After a big hard fight for survival….After a hard day working on the Pyramids and other jobs, you sit down and play a nice game of senet, one of the most popular games in the Egyptian civilization! Have you ever wondered how to play an old game? Or what kind of game it is and why it was made? or even if people before our time played the same kind of games from today? It is all here. What we have adapted the old games into today.

You may be thinking what is Senet? It has 14 pieces, depending on the game board and who’s playing it depends on what the pieces are, or even just what you could find. It has a separate sliding drawer which keeps pieces while other activities on the board are going on. Lots of people including teachers who have played are very positive that the game had a meaning to it, such as being able to get communication with the dead, judgment, or death because the game was used in funerary art. Funeary
art is any kind of art that has something to do with the dead (statues, graves, tombs,ext) Senet is the oldest game known by man, still to today people play it and find very interesting stuff but hopefully not really death.
The senet game was known as a board game before the first dynasty which was around c3200 b.c. that is over 2000 years old and is still known (thats crazy!). It was first seen as a painting in the Merknera tombs which once seen, it was a 3D figure made by just about anything you could find. It had became a talisman to the journey of the “dead” meaning that its piece of stone or very well known rock that is thought to have magical powers or good luck. Because of that talisman everyone thought that the game was full of luck and they had such determination, so they believed that a player that won will be protected by a major god of the national pantheon. Thats what made it so famous, was the gods of protection. It was played with only a few rules, but quite confusing. But in egypt board games were very common to just go home and relax and have fun, Everyone from any kind of level of society was allowed to play, so anyone from anywhere could play and thats not usual at the time, some games were only meant for rich. First you have to throw the 6 sticks that decide how much you are moving. Sticks depend on how much you move by if it lands on a fat side or a round side. If you roll a one,four, or six you get an extra turn. You cannot land on your own pieces,but you can land on the opponent's piece then you switch places with them. But if they have two pieces in a row you...

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