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The Gaming Industry Should Market To Women

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As soon as the video game world pressed the start button on their business, they never stopped playing. Like any video game, they hit major checkpoints and beat levels. From Pac-Man with joysticks to Angry Birds on iPads, the video game industry has a consistent history of success. Today, everyone knows someone who plays or has played a video game. New games and gaming consoles are constantly being advertised and released. They are even an entertaining method of keeping people up with the growth of technology. According to Melissa Terlecki, a psychology professor, “Involvement and experience with current computerized technologies…is important to provide both men and women…Because computer video games are a seamless lead-in to the technological age, those who are not playing may be at a disadvantage.” However, as the industry got more and more successful, its target audience became narrower. Since boys were playing their games more often, the industry started focusing on its male buyers. Games were designed that made men the dominant characters and disregarded women. However, industries didn’t realize that by doing this, it was losing a huge part of its business: female gamers. This was doing more harm to the industry’s economics than good. Sexism in video games is a prevalent problem and is economically harmful because it steers girl gamers away from the video game industry.
Many vintage video games had female protagonists that were financially successful without having to be sexualized. The first ever video games appeared during the 1950s, but the industry itself began in 1971 and developed its first successful games, such as the still popular Space Invaders. It was a huge jumpstart to the industry’s successful time period of the 1980s. During this period, the industry released some its most popular games (some that still stand today) and also introduced the first arcade machines, another huge step towards more gaming consoles. These successful early games made the entire industry a total of 27.3 billion dollars by just 1982. One of the first iconic characters of this generation was Pac-Man, which in its great success, led to the release of its partner in crime, Mrs. Pac-Man. This spinoff greatly expanded their audience. Joyce Worely conducted an interview in the Electronic Games Magazine in 1982 with Stan Jarocki of Midway upon the game’s release, he stated, "It expanded our customer base and made Pac-Man a hit. Now we're producing this new game, Mrs. Pac Man as our way of thanking all those lady arcaders who have played and enjoyed Pac Man.’" Due to Mrs. Pac-Man being the first iconic female protagonist in the female gaming industry, it resulted in a huge spike in female gamers. There was also little controversy surrounding the character being female due to lack of sexist qualities and undoubted success.
The industry spends its money towards more male-oriented gaming than towards female-oriented gaming because they believe that there is...

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