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I grew up playing all sorts of Nintendo video games. It was the pass time I enjoyed the most, by far. I have always been interested on all the consoles Nintendo has ever made, and how they have affected people and games today. Nintendo started its company in 1889. There were not any consoles made back then right? Well, that is true. Nintendo started by making playing cards and selling them in a small market in Japan. These cards were completely hand-made by Nintendo employees. In 1953 Nintendo was growing successfully and became the first company to produce plastic playing cards in Japan, dominating the industry. The cards quickly gained popularity all around Japan. Because of the rise in demand for the cards, Nintendo struggled to keep up with the industry. ("Nintendo company", 2014. ) In 1977, Nintendo introduced the Color TV game, a completely new product. It played six different versions of ball and paddle games. Nintendo of Europe GmbH,2014) As Nintendo got more and more popular around the globe, they needed a new way to distribute gaming. This is when they started making coin operated Arcade video games. It later lead up to the arcades we see today. In 1985, Nintendo released the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) supporting popular titles like Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda and much other game titles. It produced a whole new type of games in the industry featuring side scrolling game styles. The NES sold 1-Million units in 1986 at $199 each. The comapny later sold 4-Million in 1987 and 9.2-Million in 1989. Nintendo later stuck a deal with Disney and was able to print the Disney characters on their cards. There was now a new way to play with the cards. 1986 Nintendo was released in Europe and the company instantly became a smash hit. In 1988 Nintendo developed a hands free control for physically disabled children that couldn't use hold up the controller. New ways of playing games were made up along with it. In 1989 the hand held Gameboy device was released making traveling mush less boring for children and adults. It sold for $89.95 with Tetris. Forty-thousand units were sold on the first day it came out. By the 1990’s Nintendo owned 80% of the game industry in the US and 90% of it worldwide. In 1991 The Super Nintendo console (SNES) is introduced as the successor of the NES. The SNES unexpectedly became very popular. It sold 20 million units in the US alone. In 1996 The Nintendo 64 is created. The Nintendo 64 introduces all new 3D graphics, improved gameplay, and got a lot of sales. The N64 turned out to be the best selling console Nintendo has ever created since the start of the company. It was the most popular very likely because of the new graphics. In 2001. the Gameboy Advance is introduced. The GBA is pocket sized and features improved graphical ability. It was the newer better version of the Original Gameboy and Gameboy Color. The GameCube reaches the market in the same year. The graphics were incredible at the...

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