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The Gaming World Essay

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A red sports car flies across the road and pulls into a convenience store. A young man gets out of the car bearing a crude, identity-concealing Halloween mask. He enters the store and immediately charges towards the cashier. He pulls out a serrated blade, “Give me all the money in the register, now!” he demands as the circumambient customers scurry fearfully out of the store. “Alright! Please don’t hurt me!” the cashier pleads as she nervously fills the man’s bag. She finishes loading his bag with a scarce amount of bills, amounting to 200 credits, now the official currency of The United States. The cashier crouches, still pleading for her life. An option appears on the screen “Tap A to leave no witnesses. Tap Y to spare the cashier”. James moves his thumb over the fingerprint keypad and fiercely taps A. The young character leaves the store, not before taking his reward for killing the cashier, the 25 credits in her purse. He hops into the sports car, an asset gained from murderous theft, and flashes down the road to safety.
“Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!” James screams proudly. He had just completed another mission in his new game, ‘Grand Theft Auto VIII’, which hit shelves everywhere and flew into teenager’s hands on July 17th, 2035. It was the first K-Box game to net 10 billion credits. K-Box is a game system based on a keypad controller, which tracks your gamer identity and controller actions all with your fingerprint. Trevor applauded James, “Nice job. Now, move over so the master can do his job.” Trevor replied. James McKinley and Trevor Phillips have been best friends since last year, when James bought his K-Box. Trevor dives for the controller and begins a mission entitled “Half Measures”. A popup window appears on the screen, the obnoxiously large window covers the entire screen this message: “The following mission requires the expansion pack “Half Measures, Face Offs and Desert Shootouts”, Trevor and James exchange looks of disappointed aggravation. “Are you kidding me, we paid a hundred credits for this game and they want us to pay another fifty to play all of it?” Trevor roars as he slams his fists into the glass table, nearly cracking it. James reassures Trevor that he’ll have the money in a few weeks. “I can’t wait two weeks! I need it now! Why am I even here if you don’t have the whole game? Don’t waste my time!” Trevor screams as he flips over the table, cracking it. “Calm down, maniac! We’re supposed to be friends and all you seem to care about is my money!” James shouts at the still rubicund Trevor. “We’ll steal it!” Trevor says excitedly. “What are you talking about?” James says curiously. “Come on Jack and…” Trevor pauses for a moment, “Todd… they stole theirs from 7-Eleven.” Trevor quietly replies. “I don’t care, I’m not a thief. It goes to show you what those degenerates do.” James commands coldly. “I guess I’ll be leaving then,” Trevor says as he walks out of the room. “Wait… I’ll do it.” James hesitates. Trevor...

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