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Gatsby is a character in the short novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, who is used as an example of a victim of the American Dream. According to Joseph Yumang from believes that American Dream has rapidly changed, “Advertising, the power elite and the media, however, have diluted people’s ideas about success, making them believe that wealth, power and fame are the only paths to the American Dream”. Jay Gatsby is a man living the so called “American Dream”, he owns a large Mansion, spends money like crazy, has large parties every week, has clothes of every color and style, he has everything any person would want. His wealth was not inherited nor gotten in a morally right way, it was instead pouring in from his illegal underground liquor business during the Prohibition. This business gave Gatsby the unlimited funds needed to afford the things he could and live the lavish life amongst the wealthy. Gatsby had the fame of being a mysterious guy with many speculations of his past. Gatsby knew every important person in New York and every important person knew him; almost nobody from the lower social class knew who he really was until his death but one thing was certain, Gatsby's name was known by all. He lived the life of what most people would call the American Dream, but in reality it did not bring him happiness. Gatsby did not start at the top of the social class ladder, instead he had to climb up little by little until he finally made it to the top. Before Gatsby’s rise in power he created his own higher class persona. With the change of persona Gatsby went from Jimmy Gatz to Jay Gatsby who is a fictional character created to fit in the higher class. Gatsby wealth, fame, and social class is what most people would desire to be truly happy. Gatsby in return was living the false American Dream to be closer to his true happiness ,Daisy. Daisy, the love interest of Gatsby, is the main reason he fell into a hole of false belief where wealth, fame, and social class was enough to obtain what he wanted. Willing to give up everything he worked so hard to truly grasp his true happiness, Gatsby died not accomplishing what he set out to do which was have the women of his dreams. Fitzgerald uses Gatsby's wealth, fame, and social class to prove that happiness is unobtainable.
Gatsby's wealth was virtually unlimited, according to Micheal Noer and David M. Ewalt from they estimate Gatsby's wealth at 1 billion dollars during the 1920's. Anybody with 1 billion dollars would have thousands of reasons to be happy but for Gatsby this amount was not enough to make him “happy”. Gatsby was covered in money to have that amount during the 1920's. The fortune was not enough to comply with Gatsby's demands of accomplishing his dream, the money was used more as a bridge to cross over the gap that did not allow him to be with the person he wished to be with. He used his fortune to try and fill in that gap by buying a mansion that is...

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