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The Gatton Academy Admissions Essay

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I have always set big goals, and had even bigger dreams. However, these dreams aren’t like those of some of my classmates such as becoming a movie star or a famous soccer player, but ones of curing cancer and providing the world with answers to scientific phenomena. Should the Gatton Academy provide me the chance to take the next step toward fulfilling these dreams, very little would prevent me from attending.

The Academy provides many opportunities for students who want a challenging education, ranging from performing research under university faculty supervision, to a healthy atmosphere of competition, to an extensive curriculum that incorporates student interests. These opportunities leave it impossible for me to find one reason that I would not want to be a part of the academy. So when I am asked, “why do you want to attend the Gatton Academy,” my immediate response is “why wouldn’t I?” The Gatton Academy offers a program with the rigor I have been preparing myself for since I was just a little girl checking out anatomy books at the library.

One great feature the Academy has to offer is the chance to be surrounded by individuals with ever-expanding goals and dreams. Students are given the opportunity to live and go to school with other students that have similar ambitions at heart. At my school, it is extremely rare to find other students who also have the desire to do more than what is minimally required to pass their classes. Simply being placed in an environment where everyone wants to be at school, and working towards the best education possible, would not only be motivational, but inspiring. The experience of meeting current Gatton Academy students has alone given me the inspiration to reignite my dreams of making a difference in the scientific community. It is thrilling to even think about having this stimulation surrounding me on a daily basis. The idea of it is simply captivating.

If I am fortunate enough to be accepted into a rigorous program such as...

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