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The Gaurdian Essay

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1941. Germany. It was just the beginning of an era where a great occurrence would occur. Hans Meminger, a married man, is a person who is in the effort to save the Jews. Hans was just like any good German, he served in the army, voted, and did other German citizen activities. But little did anyone know, except for his wife, he would be a key person in the fight to save the Jews. Liesel Meminger married to Hans Meminger, is a kind and loving person who is always there for everybody.

Hans and Liesel lived in a quiet neighborhood where everyone knew each other. Hans was a professor at the local university and Liesel stayed home as a housewife. They lived on the outskirts of Munich. Ever since the Nazi’s came in, it’s been nothing but strict rules, Jewish people being degraded, rations, the possibility for your life to end. Despite the rules and other restrictions, they lived a totally normal life except the fact that they will be hiding Jews.
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Both always lived in a fear of being persecuted because of their religious beliefs, they thought it was just plain scrutiny.

Soon after the transfer, they secretly snuck back the Hans’ house. Once they got home, Hans and Liesel stored Benjamin and Jokine in an underground shelter. The neighbors, nor anybody else knew where the underground shelter was located.

For the next year, Hans and Liesel will be taking care of Benjamin and Jokine. But, on the night of September 13, 1943 all things would change for everyone. On that fateful night in 1943, the Nazi’s came to their house and were arrested for concealing the Jews. The lieutenant came in and yelled,” Get the Jews or you will be shot.” Hans responded quickly and ran straight out of that house. All of the sudden, they were all arrested. A couple of days later they were sent Berga an der Elster concentration camp which is a labor camp.

Berga an der Elster is a harsh camp. They forced the captive work extra hard to the point of shutdown with only scraps of food and little water to drink. Hans and Liesel shared an extremely small bed together. Even though they now live in deplorable conditions and worked harsh labor they will never let each other go. So soon after their first month in Berga an der Elster, Liesel got extremely sick from malnutrition. Many days later she passed on. With this loss, Hans was extremely devastated. He kept thinking this over, wondering how he could let her go.

By the end of the war, Hans got out of Berga an der Elster. He went on to live a full life. But, he lived a full life of sadness and regret for not being able to care for his wife in her time of need. He went back to Munich to go to his old house, pack everything up, and leave the town of suburbia in which he lived in. He is now residing in a small apartment on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. He has decided in his life that he will never marry again because he lost his only love, Liesel. Just twenty years after he was let go from the camp he died in his apartment. “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”- Dr. Seuss. That basically means in this case, they may have died, but be happy for it because they are now resting with each other eternally.

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