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The Gender Effect On Entrepreneurial Behaviour Of Women In Nigeria

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Table of Contents
Chapter Three: Research Methodology 3
3.1 Research Methods 3
3.2 Research Design 5
3.3 Data Collection: Nature, Sources, and Method 6
3.4 Sample and Sample Design 6
3.5 Technique of Data Analysis 8
References 10
List of Tables 12
Table 3A: Sample Size, and Locations 12
Table 3B: Continuous & Categorical Data Minimum Returned Sample Size Table 13
List of Figures 17
Figure 1: Nigeria’s Map Showing the Six Geopolitical Zones & 36 States/FCT 17
List of Appendixes 19
Appendix 1: Permission/Introduction 19
Appendix 2: Questionnaire 20
Part I: Entrepreneur’s Bio Data 20
Part II: Profile and Background of the Enterprise 21
Part III: Personality ...view middle of the document...

, 2011). The approach is different in the case of the quantitative research paradigm because scholars using this method usually start by hypotheses formulation and employ a large data set to test for the hypotheses — whether to hold or reject (Creswell, 2013; Heimlich, 2001; Meissner et al., 2011). Serious efforts and a lot of time are required to treat the empirically constructed sets of data in a quantitative research, and statistical programs are usually employed to examine the data.
This current research employs both the qualitative and quantitative approaches, otherwise called the Mixed Methods Research Approach. R. B. Johnson, Onwuegbuzie, and Turner (2007) state that the mixed-method research is the type in which a researcher (or a team of researchers) uses a combination of the elements of both qualitative and quantitative research methods such as applying qualitative and quantitative research perspectives, collection of data, analysis of data, and techniques of interference for the “broad purposes of breadth and depth of understanding and corroboration” (p. 123).
Researchers claim that the mixed-method research approach is both logical and practical, because more often than not it leaves no room for the weaknesses associated with the use of qualitative or quantitative methods alone (B. Johnson & Christensen, 2010; Meissner et al., 2011). According to Johnson et al. (2007), the mixed-method research approach also provides more helpful, accurate, balanced, and reliable research results. The mixed-method research approach essentially is based on the pragmatic philosophical perspective (B. Johnson & Christensen, 2010; Meissner et al., 2011). The pragmatic philosophical perspective asserts that scientific inquiry is not always subject to formalism, and the inquirer’s epistemological orientation may be objective and/or subjective during the period of attempting to solve a research question (B. Johnson & Christensen, 2010; Meissner et al., 2011). It is based on this view that some researchers in the field of social science assert that applying both qualitative and quantitative research approaches are invaluable. Additionally, this set of researchers contend that research experts need to take the most advantage of the qualitative and quantitative research methods to appreciate the social phenomena that underpin any research study (B. Johnson & Christensen, 2010; Meissner et al., 2011).
For the quantitative approach part of this study, hypotheses will be statistically tested to draw conclusions that are objective; this testing will be conducted on the basis of the data set. The nature of the interviews conducted is quantitative because it primarily has multiple-choice questions. The hypotheses testing done based on the relatively small set of data is to offer added understanding about effects of gender on entrepreneurs in Nigeria, which gives this study the desired indicative nature.

3.2 Research Design
Research design, according...

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