The Generation Gaps And Its Effects On People.

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The ideas and personalities of a generation can be traced to important events that have changed the way people think. Throughout history, each generation becomes a little bit different than the one before. This may be due to new inventions or wars that have happened that have changed people. Generations also try to rebel against whatever the older generations believe in, thus creating a new unique outlook on life. In the time period of 1985-2002, many events happened that altered people in the United States as well as around the world.Much of the older generations call this new generation lazy and spoiled. They think that everything is given to them and they have no work ethic. This is partly true but the same things were said about their generation. It can't be helped, technology is making life easier for people and this trend will keep continuing unless some drastic event halts this technological age. Much of the computerization of America started in the 80's. Computers had been around since the 40's, but computers that people could buy for their own personal use were not popular until the 80's. The MS-DOS program that IBM used in its computers became extremely popular. Now people could play games on their computer and write new programs for it. Many other inventions were being brought to light and being commercially sold during the 80's like the camcorder and the CD player. CD's soon overtook vinyl records as the most popular way to listen to music. Technology started playing bigger and more important roles in people's lives.The 80's also saw some other major events. The late 80's saw the end of the cold war and the collapse of Soviet Union. In 1989, the Berlin Wall was destroyed and communism was destroyed in the U.S.S.R. This ended a four decade long struggle over world dominance and nuclear power with the U.S. on top. Afterwards the U.S. made treaties with the former Soviet Union about reducing the amount of nuclear weapons that were stored in the two nations.The early 90's also so some major events that shaped Americans into what they are today. The ending of the gulf war and the election of Clinton made huge impacts on America. The 90's were a time when American citizens were starting to have new luxuries that were not even conceivable in the decades before. New advances in medicine and in transportation were being put forth. Cars with better safety mechanisms were being built and more and more jobs were being made having to do with technology. The music scene was changing away from the hair bands of the 80's to the new sound of grunge led by Nirvana. Movies were starting to use computer effects in them a lot more then in the past and the rise of MTV from the 80's were shaping teenagers into fans of the music that they played. Computers were growing ever more popular and new video game systems were being introduced like the Nintendo Entertainment System. This was extremely popular and the video game Super Mario Brothers was a smash hit....

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