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The Generation That Has It “Easy”

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Through studies Conducted on the United States population by The American Psychological Association, they have found that teenagers are the most stressed out group. The common perspective among individuals is that adults are the ones that carry the highest amount of stress since they must pay bills and sustain a family with 2.5 children. Thus, it is an important issue since it has led not only to psychological problems, but also physical problems. Leading many into believing that this matter must be further investigated, to be able find a solution to the problem that has been disturbing such a large portion of the population.
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This must be conducted because it is a major cause as to why teenagers seem to be so stressed in today’s society.
Also, further research should focus on how todays stress levels compare to those of other generations before this generation. This would further help prove the point since it would be able to show how teenagers are know more stressed than ever before.
Currently, teenagers are perceived as having it easier than all the prior generations. The common perception of teenagers in today’s society is they have everything easier because of the technology and have, as a result, become lazier. This then leads to adults underestimating all the problems that teenagers now face in today’s society. Many of the problems that teenagers encounter are most often thought as drama from school. Therefore, most parents do not consider these dilemmas as a serious matter that must be dealt with immediately. Unknown to most parents and society, is the fact that the stress that teenagers experience often leads to a more serious illness.
In addition, as stated above, this is highly problematic because many parents out there believe that their teenagers are fine, but in reality, they are dealing in secrecy. In a recent study conducted in the United States, they found that 25% of teenage boys refused to deal with their stress, and 19% of teenage girls refused to deal with their stress (Teen Stress Statistics).This stress often leads to them deal with it in unhealthy ways, which could lead to them experiencing physical symptoms as a result of the stress. If students continue to deal with the stress in unhealthy ways, it can then lead to a serious illness such as heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and depression (Smith). Therefore, to avoid these future problems something must be done now.
Even more, since of all the technology increase that has been occurring in the last years, society has just assumed that the teenagers are now lazy. Thus this leads them to believe that teenagers do not face any problems in today’s society. This makes this the most opportune moment, for change in attitude, because if there is no change, society’s views on teenagers will just continue to worsen.
In spite, this is a major problem there does exist some solutions, such as schools starting the day later, more exercise, and schools offering more encore classes. By students not being able to get enough sleep, it will make the symptoms of stress even greater. Websites such as WebMD have stated that by the student being able to achieve more sleep, they are more likely to be able to face daily stresses. With starting times ranging from 7am to 8am, teenagers are less likely to achieve the recommended 8 hours of sleep at night. Many teenagers even tend to wake up 2 hours earlier than the start time, between this and all the homework received, extra-curricular activities, and jobs teenager are like to only achieve an approximate of 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night. Thus, this leads to...

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