The Genesis Of Markets And Marketing And Reaching Globalisation

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We will all agree that new CATEGORIES in various sectors have been created in the US and other developed countries. When new categories are being created the marketing function starts evolving. For example : Modern trade, Express industry (the courier industry- Fedex ), internet purchase (, digitizing of books (Google), purchase of industrial products - getting vendors and buyers for a negotiation (Free markets, Pittsburgh), auction on line (eBay) and many others like the iPod, etc. These are caused due to great technological innovations and fulfilling the marketing definition.I would like to mention a non-Kotler definition of Marketing: a. Marketing is a function of Consumption and therefore expansion of markets; b. Marketing is identifying unmet needs; c. marketing is trial and error and d. marketing is a battle of perceptions.Without getting into too much of Gyan, as I am aware that the people who will be reading this are very intelligent and have great knowledge in management and marketing and business leadership. They are the students, the professors and the corporate executives. Welcome to read the following:I have two cases to present. One will talk on the evolution of Sanpro (expansion : sanitary protection) category and other will be on paper tissues category. Both the products are great creation of the then Kimberly Clark. I think Kimberly Clark has been acquired by bigger fishes, now. Find out for yourself, if you're the inquisitive marketing person.THE SANPRO CATEGORY : Brand : KOTEX :In most of our Hindu families, women had to exhibit a different behavior during their Menstrual period times. To mention some behaviors: women had to sit separately at a remote place, not mix about, nobody should touch them, they wouldn't bathe for those three days, use linen to arrest the biological event, don't cook, and if anybody accidentally would touch them, they would be asked to change clothes and take bath, etc., etc., I have faced all this till my marriage from the women folks in my house. Now, in modern times, I am sure all are regarding this as a biological event and give a better status to women.Can you beat it, that a similar situation among women existed in the USA around the 1920s. The code word for menstruation period was "then." In some of the south Indian families, they would say that they are "out of the house," etc. During these three days of menstruation, there were some taboos : 'You shouldn't take baths then.' 'Pickles will sour then, and cream won't whip.' 'If a dentist fills a tooth then, the filling will fall out.' This is just a small sampling of the dozens of myths that surrounded the process in that era. Women would not talk about this "then" even among their own gender. Women dealt with menstruation then by using (and reusing) felt or linen cloths, which they washed out as best they could and used month after month, giving rise to the expression 'dirty linen' (as in 'let's not wash our dirty linen in public')....

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