The True Necessity Of Ratings Essay

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It was our second day on our honeymoon in Europe, my wife and I had nothing planned for the day except relaxation from the abundant nonsense of planning a wedding. Our cloths were unpacked; we had ordered breakfast and had our first official cigarette and cup of coffee of the day. After having a 30 minute discussion as to what we should do for the day we decided on staying in our hotel enjoying each other’s company and watching the good ol’ boob tube. Luckily the only thing on, in English, happened to be my favorite movie, Taken. After viewing this particular film about 20 dozen times back home I was shocked to see scenes not quite the way I remembered them. I remembered a movie about a man’s daughter who was kidnapped and his journey of saving her. As I viewed the film in Europe I was awaken to the depth of the film which had been cut down to mediocre action in the States. The film viewed in Europe showed the daughter in a rape scene as her kidnappers sell her body as a source of income, and it does not cut out the brutality of her father electrocuting one of her kidnappers to find out where his daughter is being kept. I was suddenly more in love with the movie then I thought possible. My wife Heather made a back handed comment about how we will never be able to leave Europe for the pure movie viewing pleasures, then shut the movie off saying she didn’t want me getting too attached. Throughout the rest of the day I don’t think we talked about anything else besides the censorship in movies and the difference editing parts out of movies that make the plot. Censorship of movies as a whole should be stopped, even the rating system for parents to decide if a film is appropriate for their child. Censorship has given the American people the right to ignorance and shelter from what happens in the world surrounding them.
In 1897 an act occurred that would change the face of American media and everything revolving around it forever. It was an era of the moving picture, predominately prizefight films, films that showed real and staged boxing matches for the entertainment of the American people. The State of Maine prohibited the exhibition of these films to the public with a legislative act; which would later be known as the first act of media censorship recorded to date. The following trend continued on through the media to the foundation of the Production Code to regulate all moving pictures. The Production Code’s first real case of censorship was on Tarzan and His Mate in which Maureen O’Sullivan had a brief nude scene which was required to be edited out of the final movie in order for it to air. The most quintessential moment in the history of the Production Code was the 1943 movie The Outlaw when it was denied approval by the Code. The film was denied due to shots that focused on the lead actress’ bosom and the director convinced standing officials that the film was not in violation and should be shown. This moment categorized the eventual...

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