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The George Zimmerman Trial Essay

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A classic case of race. Trayvon Martin, a young black teen, walked down the street one afternoon with a bottle of tea and a pack of skittles, before encountering a man of a different ethnic background- George Zimmerman. That tragic day was the last one Mr. Martin would ever see and it brings about the question, “Is his death justified by law?” Some may argue Zimmerman acted out of self-defense. Still others say a boy lost his life due to acts of racism. Sounds similar to the case mentioned in Twelve Angry Men, does it not? Jurors in that story were ready to send someone to their grave because of their color. In all honesty though, when the judicial system is served correctly, justice will be dished out no matter if an individual is black, white, blue, or yellow. Throughout the Zimmerman trial and the case told in Twelve Angry Men only one verdict could be reached based on evidence. Due to a plethora of personalities, one can conclude that coming to a ruling was not an easy task for either jury.
The case in summary sparks room for debate on whether Zimmerman should be punished for his actions; however, many allegations lack raw evidence to support their claims. In “The Facts In The George Zimmerman Trial”, by Jeffrey Toobin, the known facts are laid out as the picture of what actually happened on that night is painted. This was conveyed when Toobin wrote, “On the night of February 26, 2012, Zimmerman was patrolling the Retreat at Twin Lakes, a town-house development in Sanford, Florida, At 7:09 P.M.” (Toobin). Later that night “Zimmerman asks that the police call him upon their arrival so he can provide his location. Zimmerman ends the call at 7:13 P.M. The first police officer arrived on the scene at 7:17 P.M., by which time Trayvon Martin was already dead” (Toobin). This shows that true facts are presented in the article because this is a very concise and accurate description of the known occurrences on the fatal night without bias favoring an explicit judgement or verdict. This is also shown when Alvarez wrote, “When Bao (Prosecutors’ expert who testified with regard to the autopsy) completely imploded, that was check, When Di Maio (Defendants’ well renowned expert) testified, it was checkmate” (Alvarez). This proved how said facts were perceived in court. Both experts presented their findings to the jury but in the end, it was Bao’s falter on the stand that lost the prosecution some credibility. Upon Di Maio’s testification, which was professional and explicit, the defendants were swiftly railing support throughout the jury. With interpretations lacking evidence, coming to a conclusion in the case of Zimmerman proved to be onerous.
The jury selected to oversee the Zimmerman trial consisted of six women. This detail, as written in “The Monsterization of Trayvon Martin”as well as in “George Zimmerman's Way Is The American Way”, states that “Florida is the only state that allows juries as small as six to handle serious criminal cases”...

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