The Georgia Technology Plan For 2007 2012

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In 2008, the Georgia Department of Eeducation (GaDOE) developed a plan to expand information/information technology (desktop, wireless technology, handhelds tools, and portable video players). Moreover, this expansion along with Internet access created a new way to access and send information, thus, impacting teaching and learning. Within the past decades globally, a massive shift advocates that today learners demand a new and more challenging academic skill needs to achieve success in a mobilize culture. According to the GaDOE (2008), the technology plan was to determine ways technology contributes to statewide objectives to K-12 public school students. This plan was to have a guide for achieving benchmarks, strategies, and evaluations. Therefore, to issue common goals to combine efforts of GaDOE, other state-funded education organizations, municipal systems, and education partners supplementary underwent challenges with educational technology innovations to address the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 guidelines and state guidelines in having State Technology Plan. In essences, this plan is also to be utilized as a guide for both federal and instructional state technology funding.
All school system teachers participated in the Georgia Technology Plan for 2007-2012 survey. The purpose of was to address ways technology contributes to statewide objectives for K-12 public school students. The survey stated that only 24% of participants reported that their school had a technology facilitator, such as an instructional lead-teacher or technology specialist, who could assist teachers with developing or finding digital content or assisting with implanting technology into the curriculum. Surprisingly, just 9% reported that their school district had nothing in place...

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