The German And American Correctional System

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This paper explores the advantages of the German correctional system and the changes that could be made to the current American system to improve its efficiency. Several different comparison studies as well as statistics obtained from credible online sources aid in highlighting the advantages of three key components of the German penal system which make it more successful in crime inhibition and recidivism prevention than the current American counterpart. Reintegration and rehabilitation as the primary aspect in a judge’s choice of verdict are discussed first, following the availability and condition of programs existing in prison for offenders that have been sentenced to incarceration, as well as the ongoing care and help available for parolees and offenders sentenced to alternate disciplinary methods such as community service or house arrest. The paper concludes with suggestions on how to implement the discussed advantages in the quickest and most undisruptive way into the American system and discovers how recidivism rates could plummet as a result.

The German and the American Correctional Systems
The differences between the German and the American correctional systems are far-reaching. Simply by looking at recent incarceration statistics, one can tell that practices must vary greatly. In 2011, the Department of Justice in Washington reported a total prison population of 2,239,751 prisoners and detainees in the United States ("International Centre for Prison Studies", 2011). This translates to a prison population rate of 716 per 100,000 of national population. The prison occupancy level based on official capacity was determined to be 99%. In the same year in Germany, the State Ministries of Justice across the 16 German states reported a total prison population of 64,379 prisoners and detainees ("International Centre for Prison Studies", 2011). This translates to a prison population rate of 79 per 100,000 of national population. This is close to only 10% of the American rate. The prison occupancy level based on official capacity in Germany was determined to be 83.3%. This information helps determine the two nations’ “punitivity ratios” ("Comparisons of Crime in OECD Countries", 2012) which are determined by the number and length of prison sentences given in relation to the offenders who have been found guilty. Out of 34 countries, the United States ranks number 1 with a punitivity ratio of 1.471, while Germany can be found on rank number 22 with a punitivity ratio of 0.069. An article in The Economist describes that an average of “43% of American offenders are returned to state prison within three years of their release” (2011), with rates being significantly higher in large cities. The BMJ in Germany reports that only 33.7% of offenders experienced recidivism (2011). This data is alarming from an American point of view. The question has to be raised what it is that makes the German penal system so different and presumably so much...

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