The Geym Cheynjer (Pronounced: Game Changer): The Risks And Challenges

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Simple over view for later reference, in order to fully understand my challenges. The Geym Cheynjer uses the functions that allow the routing of our finances to be transferred, when we swipe our credit/debit cards, (and/or write a check,) in a clever way. So, basically The Geym Cheyner uses the same part of the said, functions that is programed to decipher where the information is coming from and where to send it, e.g. : (greatly simplified) 1. you swipe your card at retailer; 2. Key in PIN; 3. That information is broadcast to banking entity's computer; 4. The banking entity's computer receives, determines authenticity of information than calculate if funds are available and if so...; 5. The banking entity's computer broadcast the transfer information to relocate the funds to the retailer.

But, if the transactions of the account that is connected to the card was turn off or restricted, during 4. the banking entity's computer will know that the transaction is unauthorized, then; 5. The banking entity's computer will cancel the transaction, contact the authorities and tell them exactly where the criminal is. And, oh yeah they will be easily located, because they will be, in this case, standing in front of the retailer's cashier, where they just swiped the card. Got'em!!! Hey, all of this happens as fast as a computer can calculate.

I think my first challenge is getting my point across about the new use part of the patent application. It is the basis of The Geym Cheynjer. The new use: is The Geym Cheynjer's suspending the transactions of an account, or in other words freezing an account. The new use of the freezing an account is, the monitoring of the transaction's requests, of said account actively with purpose and intent , to see if someone is trying to commit fraud with the account, than locate the criminal and alert the authorities to their whereabouts.

My second challenge is the explaining of the method/process of the patent application.
Some people that I have talked to believe that it should be a working program. but, the business method/process is what to program(s) should be doing.

My third challenges is the KickStater's Project description panel only handles 35,000 characters. So, I had to abridged some of the contents (Restrictions) from the Campaign. Like, The Ringer: you can set The Geym Cheynjer to give yourself a text or phone call (with an automation voice or maybe less likely a live operator) that will alert you every time you use your account. The Set: This is one of The Restrictions that are designed to make the operation much easier. It allow you to setup a combination of Restriction to be used with one commend,e.g.: Let's say, you combine time limit (8 hours), amount of transaction (4), and spending amount ($400), just visit The Geym Cheynjer choose The Set and click, you are done. You can setup several variations of them for different occasions. The Routine: (it was described in the Project...

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