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The Ghetto And The Suburb. Where Do

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Two completely different words, two completely different worlds. ( describes "ghetto" as the following: a section of a city occupied by a minority group who live there especially because of social, economic, or legal pressure. But ( defines it as this: an impoverished, neglected, or otherwise disadvantaged residential area of a city, usually troubled by a disproportionately large amount of crime. Now when it comes to my first site, the regular dictionary ( calls the suburb a usually residential area or community outlying a city. The describes it a little different with more slang words: a residential district on the outskirts of a city or town. (Suburbs are where ricers, wiggers, richies, preps, and dooshes come from). As one can see, there is a big difference between the two. Most people take for granted their living area. Today there are more people living in the "ghetto", or section A housing projects, than ever before. Life in the ghetto is not a pretty thing. And unfortunately most people do not choose to live their. They are usually born into the "ghetto" and make the decision to choose the bad habits because they adapt to their environment. And that is a sad thing because I have personally seen many people leave the ghetto and are currently attending college and they want to be doctors and lawyers. More crime happens there than any other area. On any given day there are multiple fights or crimes, at least four times more than the suburbs. Most people think the ghetto is something they want to stay away from, and they are right. There are so many unspeakable acts that go on. I have an example, my father is a Columbus police officer. He works special duty for Walnut Ridge High School.2 months ago, my dad was dragged by a car for 30 feet. All the other cops, that I know, do not know why he works there. But when it comes down to it, they don't want to be the ones there. So they have nothing but praise for him. They say he is a good cop and I do not have anything to worry about. But when I see this on the news, (see website) it is hard for me not to have negative or bad feelings about this. There have been fights every day, guns there are drug deals are an every period occurrence. Personally I hate the fact he works there. I honestly would rather have him working on the streets than in a public school. I honestly think that the...

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