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"I have an idea about where to look for the cemetery," Nate told them. "You guys want to see? It's not too far from where I met Hajji." He stepped out of the alcove and closed the cupboard behind Hannah and Will. "Except we should probably take some mace or something this time, just in case we see another bear."
"Bears?" Hannah said. "I'll pass."
"Sure, let's go," Will said.
Nate figured Hannah's light colored skirt and low heel shoes really weren't adaptable to a hike. But it would be rude to leave her here while he went off with Will. But, if she really wouldn't mind.
"Maybe we should split up," he suggested. "Will and I can check out the woods while you poke around the house."
"How do you think it will look if I searched through your grandparents' house without you?" Hannah asked.
"Right, suspicious," Nate agreed. "They might think you're looking for something."
"Let's compromise," Will said. "We all check out the woods, but not go exploring. We'll just have a look and save digging around for another time. What do you say?"
"I say no," Hannah said. "You two go tracking around in the woods. I'll stay here and keep your grandparents company."
"That works for me," Will said.
"Are you sure you don't mind?" Nate asked.
"Not at all. William can take pictures with his phone. It'll be just like I was there."
Ten minutes later, Nate and Will reached the pipe crossing. Nate pointed to the curtain of trees where he had met the bear in the prehistoric looking forest. "It's worth seeing, unless you're chicken."
"Yeah? You wish, Goldilocks," Will said. "Let's go."
Entering the woods, Nate puzzled at Hajji's car still parked in the clearing. He turned about, searching the woods, expecting to see the spy walk out at any moment. He walked over and tested the handles, the door wasn't locked. Nate checked the car for keys and found them under the visor.
"Is this his car?" Will asked. "I thought you said he left." He too stared into the wood as if he expected to see the man materialize.
"When he had me bring him the USB, he waited behind the oak near the back door. I saw him walked back this way, but I didn't see him drive away. I don't think he's still here though. He said it was urgent to get it to the Pentagon."
"Then how else did he leave? You said he was alone, right?"
"Yeah. But maybe he abandoned the car because he knew they would be looking for it?"
"That would be smart. But he didn't know about the manhunt, right? No reason to be cautious."
"Maybe he figured it was coming. We don't know that Hannah's call started it. Maybe it was already in the works."
"Say you're right," Will said. "Then how else did he leave?"
"He could have hitchhiked."
"That would be like leaving a trail of bread crumbs. Anyone who gave him a ride would be able to alert the feds to where he was heading."
"Then maybe he reached his contact. Maybe accused terrorist #2 came and picked him up. 'Cause I seriously doubt he'd risk walking...

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