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The Ghost In The Black Gown Creative Writing

1287 words - 5 pages

It was the year 1972 September 8th. The wind was gushing into my face;
the rain was pelting down on my head. My car had just broken down in
the middle of the woods and there was no kind of help in sight. There
were heavy thunderstorms, and I heard the birds fluttering away. It
was scary looking at the sky. I walked a few yards and I saw in the
distance an eerie looking house. I was hesitant to go to the house for
help but realized there was no other option.

As I walked cautiously towards the house I heard the clock struck one
from inside. I looked up as the moon shone brightly back at me.
Knocking on the door I heard a creaking sound coming from inside. My
heart was beating so fast I thought I would faint at any minute. I saw
a dull sign on the door which read ‘National Woods. In the darkness of
the night the house looked grayish and it had two misty black doors:
one was at the back and one was at the main entrance. It was huge and

Mrs. Brown, the lady of the house opened the door. She looked like she
was in her late 60s. She obviously looked disturbed and angry at my
unexpected knock on the door at this time of the night. I could hear
some sinister noises from the background and I was having second
thoughts, but I quickly introduced myself and explained to her that I
needed to stay for the night as my car had broken down and I had
nowhere else to go. I told her that I would pay her for her

Surprisingly, she agreed and said, “Yes, you can stay for one night. I
am Mrs. Brown.” Relieved, I had a place to stay the night I thanked
her and walked into the house. The floorboards creaked as I followed
Mrs. Brown as she led me to the room I would be sleeping in. On the
way to the room, we saw a man mopping the floors, which I thought was
very odd considering the time. Mrs. Brown introduced him to be Mr.
Birch, the cleaner of the house. I said hello to him and continued to
follow Mrs. Brown very closely. I don’t know why, but for some reason
I felt like there was something very peculiar about this house.

Finally, we reached the room I was to stay in. It was a multi colored
room with red dead flowers lying on the bed and had double glazed
windows which had cobwebs all over. Somehow I felt I would not be able
to sleep in this room knowing that there were webs in every corner of
the room. Mrs. Brown said, “Goodnight. I’ll see you in the morning,”
and she left. As I sat down on the bed, I saw a huge spider run across
the room. I ran out of the room and down the stairs. I just missed a
step and I fell over bashing my head towards the brown greasy wall.
Mr. Birch came sprinting to me and asked if I needed help.

I said, “No, I’m fine. Just missed a step. I am actually quite scared
of spiders so when I saw one I freaked out.”


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