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The Ghost Of King Hamlet Essay

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In the play Hamlet, the deceased King Hamlet comes back as a ghost to tell his son the truth about the events surrounding his death. He then proceeds to ask Hamlet to get revenge for his death. In Hamlet, the king is a character who appears briefly throughout the play; however, his character serves to further the action and theme of the play and the development of his son's character.
The King serves to further the plays actions by asking his son to get revenge for his unjust death. He tells Hamlet that Claudius, Hamlet's uncle, killed him and that he wants Hamlet to avenge his death. He then further instructs Hamlet to leave his mother's transgressions to Heaven. Through the quote, ...view middle of the document...

This sets up for a later scene where Laertes also wants to avenge his fathers unjust death. Therefore, in Act 5, Scene 2 Laertes and Claudius conspire to make sure Hamlet will die either by drinking of poison or by being hit with Laertes' poisoned sword. Laertes stabs Hamlet with the sword; however, he is then stabbed by Hamlet with the same poisoned sword. Gertrude accidentally drinks of the poisoned drink, and Claudius is stabbed and then forced to drink of the poisoned drink. Hence, what goes around comes around. This was especially ironic because even with the careful planning their actions eventually caught up with them. I thought this was one of the best representations of the theme what goes around comes around. The icing on the cake, however, was that the events came from a chain of other events started by the Ghost of King Hamlet when he asked Hamlet to get revenge. This is one example of how a character who only appears a few times can affect the storyline of a play or book.
In addition to promoting the action and one of the themes of Hamlet, the King also helps to evolve the development Hamlet's character because after he asks Hamlet to avenge him, Hamlet descends into a self induced “madness”. This “madness” serves to develop Hamlet because it alters the readers and the other characters perception of Hamlet and his actions. Hamlet quotes, “I am but mad...

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