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The Gift Of Life Essay

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     The hot August sun was warm against his face. This was the final trip he had to make. He and his mother were on their way home. It had been three long weeks of packing, driving, and hauling. After his parents divorce, his mother wanted to move back home.
       Home was Grahamn, Missouri. In his mind the fun, warm, southern town he had only seen on The Andy Griffith Show. He had mixed feelings about moving to this place, meeting new people, and starting a new life. His mother knew most of the people in Grahamn, because she grew up there. He, on the other hand, only knew his grandmother. They planned to move in with her until they could find a place of their own. He wasn't worried about that, he was worried about how he might get along in a new environment. He was worried about meeting new people and, more importantly, being accepted.
       Back home he was popular. Everyone liked the tall witty young man with dark brown eyes. He was the type of guy who got along with everyone. Although he was popular, he was not the average popular student, he wasn't very athletic. He wasn't a big muscular guy, he was the opposite, he was thin but tall. His hair was not long, something very uncommon for a man in the south.
       All worries he had were put aside when his mother announced that they were almost there. He looked forward to seeing her and became very excited when they pulled into the drive. His grandmother was standing outside. He got out of the car and walked quickly towards her.
       "It's so nice to see you Scott!" Grandma said.
       "Its better to see you Grandma, I'm so glad I'm here to stay!" Scott replied.
       His mother joined the reunion.
       "Mom it's so great to see you!" Carol said.
       "I'm so glad we can all be together from now on. I'm so excited. I've waited all day for you to get here." Grandma proudly proclaimed. They all embraced each other. "Lets go inside I've cooked dinner." The trio walked inside. It would only be a few days before school started in this small southern town. It would only be a few days before Scott Allen started his new life at a new school, but it would also be only a few days before his first adventure began.
       Grahamn, Missouri was an area of endless flat land where trees scattered the horizon. Grahamn recorded record high temperatures in the summer and record low temperatures in the winter. The town had a population of about 800 people. A typical bustling metropolis with a resturant, barbershop, service station, and of course grocery store. Believe it or not, it was also the home of Grahamn High School.
       Grahamn High School is probably the most outdated school in the entire state of Missouri. Local history has recorded its destruction and resurrection at least three times in the past 80 years. It has burned, been condemned, and burned again. Unfortunately, no disaster has ever completely destroyed the building. Somehow the city obtains enough money to...

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