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The Gift Of The Magi And Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen By O. Henry

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To understand the characters in O. Henry stories we must understand what motivates each character to do the things they do. How stories that seem similar and have a common theme can change drastically when we begin to analyze their subtle differences. The O. Henry stories “The Gift of the Magi” and “Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen,” both follow a similar theme. The stories are about sacrifices that people make in order to give someone a better outcome. The tone and meaning of each story is changed, however, when we begin to focus on why the character chose to make the sacrifice. People make sacrifices for all different reasons, either because of love, guilt or believing they will receive ...view middle of the document...

“Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen” is also a story about people who make sacrifices. A gentleman, who from all evidence in the story seems to be a wealthy man who every year treats another gentleman, Stuffy, to a Thanksgiving feast. In fact the gentlemen saves up all year and even goes as far as to not to eat for the last three days before Thanksgiving so he will be able to afford to give Stuffy a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. As Stuffy waits for the old gentlemen, two wealthy women invite him in for a Thanksgiving feast. Stuffy, feeling it would be rude not to accept, eats the Thanksgiving meal they prepare. Stuffy is now bloated from the food he has just eaten, but when the old gentlemen comes to take Stuffy for his meal, he accepts and eats once more. Stuffy, having eaten too much, collapses and is taken to the hospital. Hearing of Stuffy's condition, the old gentleman goes to the hospital, where Stuffy tells him that he got sick because he had eaten a Thanksgiving meal prior to the meal he had with him. In this story several people are making sacrifices, but the outcome of the story has become more a cautionary tale than being one about the spirit of the holidays.
In each story the motivation to make the sacrifice are quite different. Della and James do it for love. The wealthy women who fed Stuffy may have felt guilt for having so much while Stuffy has very little. The old gentleman may make the sacrifice for the same reasons the wealthy women do but it may also because he remembered a time when he was struggling and people helped him. The holiday season gave him an opportunity to return the good that those in his past had graciously gave him during the holiday season. A line in the beginning of the story gives us some evidence that the old gentlemen actions are motivated by his sentimental soul, “There is one day when all we Americans who are not self-made go back to the old home to eat saleratus biscuits and marvel how much nearer to the porch the old pump looks than it used to” (O. Henry 276). This explains why old gentlemen felt the need to help a man he hardly knows. In this story, remembering how things use to be, gives him a connection to his fellow man. What motivates someone to make sacrifice tells us a lot about that person. Sacrifices made because of love seem more romantic and selfless; other reasons seem more arbitrary. So if a sacrifice is made because of guilt and shame does that somehow make the sacrifice less meaningful?
The wealthy women in “Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen” sacrifices were less meaningful because their motivations were not as honorable. These differences change our perception of who these women really are. The wealthy women did not have to save up or give up something to feed Stuffy, so saying that they really made a sacrifice or they were just people sharing what they already had would not be out of their character. Every year during the holiday seasons wealthy people give to those less...

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