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The Girl In The Attic Essay

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One morning a girl named Sally got up from bed. It was an ordinary old day. She ate breakfast, went to school, and then came home. She usually did her homework in the attic. So then she walked up the stairs to the attic. She walked in and there was a little table in the corner for Sally. She sat down and started her homework. She was fine until she felt someone breathing on her. Sally took her pencil and flung it back to see if anything was there. She turned around and there was nothing. Then she decided to go tell her mother. Sally's mom didn't really care. Sally went in her room and finished her homework there. The next day she did the same thing she did everyday. Today was not an ordinary old day for her when she came back from ...view middle of the document...

She thought to herself "What the heck is in MY attic!?" She wanted to find out. The next day is was the best day of her life. It was report card day at school and she got straight A's. She couldn't believe it! She NEVER ever got straight A's before. She went home. She didn't think of doing her homework. She wanted to find out what that THING was in her attic. She walked up the stairs, and slammed the door open to the attic. She walked forward to her desk. She was half way there when the attic door shut fast. SLAM!!!!!!! Ok now she was scared. She heard a voice. "Sssssssaaaaalllllllyyyyyy!" Now Sally was terrified when she heard "Salllllllly" somewhere near the attic... "Wh-whose there!?" she sputtered out the words."Who is saying that?" yelled Sally. "I'm right behind you!" Sally spinned around and gasped in horror as she saw a lovely young girl standing next to the door. Then suddenly, out of nowhere the young girl screamed "DIE!" Sally screamed and almost fainted. The lovely little lady was not at all lovely any more. The young girl had blood coming out of the holes in her body! Now blood appeared on her arms, stomach, legs, hands, everywhere! When the young girl went to Sally, the toxic had made Sally stop breathing as she stared in terror...this was here last night on earth for the young girl had killed her... Approximately five hours passed and when no noise was made by Sally, her mother came looking for her...thinking she might be in the attic, she walked towards it. Turning the knob, she opened the door. Upon seeing nothing unnatural inside, she started getting worried... until the girl had appeared behind her and strangled Sally's mother. That was the very last day of both Sally and her mother.THE END!

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