The Girl The World Forgot Essay

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It was the middle of autumn, the time right before the world would be covered in a white blanket of snow. It was the time where the colorful leaves had dropped from their humble perch upon the trees and now lie sprinkled across the land. A chilly wind brushed through the area picking up the leaves from the pavement, I watched in awe as they twisted and twirled in the air as if they were dancing. Autumn was undeniably one of the most beautiful seasons; even the naked trees were striking as they stood tall and proud extending out toward the skies. I smiled tenderly as I turned and watched a group of high school students make their way up the winding road toward the MayHaven Prep Schools that stood at the edge of a hill. MayHaven was known to be one of the most prestigious of schools, people from all over the world tried to get into one of their great academies. There were a few adults that were scattered amongst the crowd, they either worked for the schools themselves or were heading toward the nearby town that was located right next to the schools. They walked vigorously, scarcely looking at those around them. Their eyes glued to what was right in front of them or at their phone to check the time, to make sure they weren’t running late. They didn’t stop to stare at the magnificence of the world around them, not even too peek at it, didn’t seem to care at all, they were all to absorb in their own world.
I sighed as I turned around and looked up at the oak tree that I was standing next too. It was the largest tree in the city as well as the oldest. The branches were mostly unadorned except for few leaves that managed to hang on tightly, swaying gracefully in the slight breeze. The old oak was engraved with many hearts and names of couples, an old tradition of MayHaven for several years, saying that if you carved your name in the tree you will be together forever. I chuckled to myself as I thought of all the love stricken teenagers carving their hopes and dreams into the tree. I touched the old bark, running my fingers across a heart that had two names within it. If the tree could talk I knew that it would have many stories to tell of those...

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The Girl The World Forgot Essay

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The Girl The World Forgot Essay

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