The Girl Who Could Fly Essay

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“Should I jump?” Piper McCloud thinks to herself, “will I just fall and die?” Piper McCloud is a girl who lives in Lowland County, she has mud brown hair, tan skin, she is ten years old, and 4’7’’ tall. From the time she was born on the farm, she mysteriously floated around the house. Piper knew that she floats, but she wanted to see if she could fly; so one sunny day, Piper goes on her roof and jumps. Right before she was about to hit the ground, Piper suddenly starts to fly.
Piper’s parents, Betty and Joe McCloud, don’t want anyone to know about Pipers ability; they know it can be dangerous for her if people find out. On 4th of July, Piper attends to her first picnic. Piper was especially excited, because she was always home-schooled and had no friends; she was sure that she could make some friends at the picnic. When arriving at the picnic, Piper’s parents warn her not to fly under any circumstances.
At the Picnic, Piper joins to play baseball with all of the other kids. The baseball gets hit so high that when Piper tries to get it, she has to fly. Without thinking, suddenly Piper lifts up in to the air and hits the ball with her bat. Everyone gets shocked, not even one Person moves. Piper’s parents quickly take Piper home, before anyone could ask them, “Did she just fly?”
In the morning, Pipers family wakes up by the sound of people asking about the incident that had happened. Some helicopters were flying all around their house asking the same thing. One helicopter lands, a beautiful tall lady with coco brown hair and crystal blue eyes walks out with ten men behind her. “Hi, im Dr.Hellion,” The girl explains to Piper’s parents. “I’m here to talk about your daughter, Piper.” She spoke about a school, I.N.S.A.N.E, meant for kids with special abilities, just like pipers’.” she also explains that it’s for...

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