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The Girl With Blue And Green Eyes

2215 words - 9 pages

Skylar was awakened by the loud thumping of a bass. Slowly lifting open her eyes, she patted the bedside table in search of her phone that mentioned the ungodly hour. 1:18 A.M? Seriously? What is going on? She listened further and realized that the noises audible from downstairs vaguely resembled those played at a party.

Skylar Jones is of average height and weight for a seventeen-year-old, never finding troubles with her size. She has a golden tan that compliments her chestnut colored hair, which is always wrapped into a messy bun on top of her noggin. Skylar has a slim nose with a perfect slope, and a pair of naturally plump lips to accent it. Skylar has Heterochromia Indium; her irises are of different color, one is green while the other is blue. Her doe-eyes are framed by long and thick lashes. Skylar loves adventure, especially long road trips. She is outgoing, and loves wandering in the dark streets at night. Skylar pretends to be emotionless most of the time, but when her emotions take over she isolates herself from everyone so they won't realize how miserable she actually is. She hates reality more than anything, yet she accepts it. Skylar is bold and courageous with a big ego. She was the queen of the school, however, after her suicide attempt her friends disappeared as quick as a breeze. She is labeled as the psychotic freak. And just like that she became the most disliked.

Groaning heavily, Skylar looked outside the window. The night was dusky but littered with stars glistening gleefully. She discovered a bunch of teenagers dress up in various costumes. She managed to spot every face despite their cover up. Another party I'm not invited to. *She shrugged*

One of the faces she spotted was Cole Waters', basically the king of the school. Cole is the average height of an eighteen-year-old. has topaz-brown eyes that match his hair color. He has a chiseled face with high cheek bones, and a narrow jawline that could sculpt granite. He has a roman nose with a lump that is barely conspicuous and a pair of thin lips. Cole has a lean body with a six-pack, and olive toned skin. In addition to his handsome looks, Cole is intelligent, humorous, and absolutely spontaneous.

Skylar sat there, debating what to do. Shall I go to a party I'm not invited to or just back to sleep? Curiosity about the party gobbled Skylar up. She almost forgot what a party was like since she hasn't been invited to any after losing a bunch of "friends", even though she has been to many parties long ago. At last, she decided to go.

Skylar decided to put on her avatar costume, checking to cover every inch of her body so that no one would recognize her. After checking herself up in the mirror she found out that she was satisfied with her appearance. At 1:30 AM sharp, Skylar snuck out of the house and went to the party.

Of course, the first sight Skylar met was a couple heavenly making out along the wall. Oh, that's Kyle and Zoe. The two love birds since...

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