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The Glamorization Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Since 2009, when shows such as “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” aired, there have been many debates as to whether these shows condoned or condemn the behavior of teen pregnancy. The shows looked at the lives of teenage girls during their pregnancy and in the following years afterwards. In The Media’s Glamorization of Teen Pregnancy, author, Briana Bosworth, suggest that these MTV shows do not accurately depict how a teen mother’s life would be, and that they create celebrities out of the teens on the show. Bosworth is not alone in her stance as the comparison of the salaries and lifestyles of the teen moms to those who are unrecognized teen mothers yield to the same conclusion that MTV has ...view middle of the document...

Granted their salaries pale in comparison of many of Hollywood’s stars, but their salary equals those occupations such as a paralegal or physical therapist (Dishman). This does not accurately describe what a teenager with a high school diploma should make per year, and because of this MTV has made these everyday mothers into something larger than life.
Some would argue that because of estimates form the CDC, shows like “Teen Mom” have cause the teen pregnancy rate to drop. While it is true that the percentages teen pregnancy have decreased since 2009, there is not enough evidence that the cause is the MTV shows only that it is a correlation. However, what has become obvious is how “Teen Moms” mothers’ fame has increased since the show. Since the show premiered in 2009, the stars of the show have grace more than 30 editions of magazines such as OK, inTouch, and US. Maci Bookout and Ferrah Abraham have household names, just like celebrities like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. Even though the show was created to discourage teen pregnancy, the stardom that the moms of the show received idealizes it.
Columnist, Eliana Dockertman, wrote that, “the Indiana University study surveyed 185 high school students (who were more representative racially and socio-economically of the national demographic) and found that viewers who frequently watched 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom had the unrealistic perception that teen moms have a lot of time to themselves, can easily find child care, will complete school, have affordable access to health care, finished college and lived on their own.” (Dockertman). This viewpoint is very unrealistic. Only about 38% of teen mothers will get a high school diploma and less that 2% will complete college before 30 years of age (“Teen”). This means that most teen mothers will be forced to either work part time to finish school or will work a low-income full time job, and as stated...

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