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The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls: The Path Of Recovery Is For Everyone

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Hardships are a terrible, but normal part of everybody’s life. No matter the hardship, anybody can recover. After viewing the information, it give an idea of how bad each of them had it.When Jeannette from The Glass Castle escapes the depths of Welch and her parents, her life was smooth sailing afterwards. When you have a life as very upsetting as hers, It is expected for more struggles to happen later in life. Not everybody will be as fortunate as her and continue forward with no regression. When Lily from The Secret Life of Bees ran away from home with no clue where she was headed, other than a town written on a picture. Liz from Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story had drug addicted parents and no plans on continuing an education. She reached a life changing decision and started going to school again. This lead to her ultimate goal of going to college, and at one of the most profound ones in the United States. If these three girls can overcome the intense situations they endured, anybody can.
With the right mindset, anybody can achieve successfulness. It doesn’t depend on the social ranking, amount of money, or any other factors. If somebody was brought up like Jeannette was, they could follow in her foot steps. With parents who offer out no help, it would require all the effort to come for the child wanting change. They cannot rely on anybody for help because it is rare and temporary. They also shouldn’t count of moving at such a young age, it was miracle even with Jeannette’s parents that they let leave. In a whole, Jeannette’s story can be achieved by anyone if they are up for the challenge. Liz’s story can relate to more children or teens around America. Many children have the struggle of drug addicted parents in today society. Sadly the using of drugs has became more acceptable as the generations come and go. Moving out on the street is a depressing but easy way to get away from the drugs and crazy parents. The only down side to moving out on the streets is self reliance. Once again the fate of yourself depends solely on how much effort is exerted. If confidence isn’t an issue, than Liz’s story will be one that you can complete. Lily also ran away from her home, but she had an idea of where to go next. Many kids know staying with an abusive parent isn’t the way to go, and look for a relative or somebody else to live with. The promise for a job isn’t there, but having the chance at a new start with a non abusive father is important. With the attitude for success and knowing not to give up, all of their stories are reachable.
Dani Johnson was a poor twenty-one year old girl. She was 35,000 dollars in debt and living out of her car. She was so far in the gutter, she wasn’t sure if it was possible to escape. With her only employment being a cocktail waitress, making a success out of life looked more and more distant. After being addicted to cocaine and defeating the urge, she realized that she wanted to do something with her life. As...

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