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The Glass Castle English Literature Essay

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Frank A. Clark once said, “If you can find a path way with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” There are always many paths to take, but the easy path is never the right path. Jeannette grew up in a poor family with parents who were unable to raise their child the ideal way. Walls grew up in poverty, and she had to grow up way too fast due to her parents absence. In her memoir, The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls uses irony and diction to characterize her relationship with Rex as dysfunctional yet tight-knit, revealing that being close to someone doesn’t always mean that there won’t be tough situations that you’ll face in the relationship.

Jeannette uses irony to illustrate the relationship with Rex as both tight-knit and dysfunctional. Rex uses Jeannette by “taking [her] to bars”(220) to make money by using her as a distraction to cheat in pool. From the example, it is clear that their family is very dysfunctional because usually the father’s role is to protect the child but, instead Rex puts her in danger and doesn’t fulfill his duty by taking her to a bar. Walls uses irony to reveal that despite her age he allowed her to got to a ba, which puts her in a tough and scary situation. Rex got sentimental when Jeannette and her sister were leaving for New York, so he had to ensure her that “[he’ll] be [there] for her.”(240) From this example, it is clear that the relationship between Rex and Jeannette is very tight-knit because he is usually there for her. Walls uses irony to reveal that Rex still has to ensure her that he’ll be there for her when he’s always supposed to be there because he’s her father.

Jeannette uses...

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