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The Glass Castle Is A Better Place To Stand

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When most people hear about rapes, murders, and drugs they think about the news and movies. They never would have thought a book could express these controversial topics correctly. I was one of those people before I read “The Glass Castle” and “A Place to Stand. ““The Glass Castle” is about a girl that grows up with parent that shouldn’t have kids. She struggles with growing up poor and not getting the support she needs when awful things happened. “A Place to Stand” is about a boy who grows up without his parents around and eventually ends up in a maximum security prison for selling drugs. Most of the book is focused on him learning how to read and write in prison and all the awful things that happen there. These books were marvelous representations of the authors, Jeannette Walls and Jimmy Santiago Baca, lives. They had many negative things happen to them through out there life but they were able to persist and become the well-respected people they are today. They made their life relevant to us with their memoirs. I liked both of these books very much but there was one that I enjoyed a lot more than the other. “The Glass Castle” was a more superior book than “A Place to Stand.” I enjoyed the short story aspect of “The Glass Castle” compared the long narrative of “A Place to Stand.” It was a lot easier to put down Jeanette’s book without becoming confused the next time you read it. Also I love the whimsy Jeannette puts on topics that aren’t typically whimsical. Jimmy’s novel is completely serious throughout the whole book. Finally, every character in “The Glass Castle” seems to develop and grow throughout the book. Other than Jimmy most of the characters either die or are never seen again by the end of the books. These are both really good books but “The Glass Castle” was a lot better.
“The Glass Castle” was written in an episodic way. Every paragraph is like its own episode in a series. The main event in the paragraph usually starts and ends in the chapter. I like this in books and all other media. “A Place to Stand” is written in more of a continuing story line way. You have to remember what happened before the chapter you read to get what happened in the current chapter. I was very confusing to me when I read it. When I read “The Glass Castle” I was rarely confused because I missed or didn’t remember past information. Also he seemed to just not bring back crucial things that happened in his life. In an article on, the author says “Oddly, certain story lines are simply dropped along the way, such as his charge that the prison was lacing his food with strong psychoactive drugs.” (A PLACE TO STAND: the Making of a Poet.) This never happened in “The Glass Castle”. In Jeanette’s book she never put what seems like very important information and just drops it. The problem is resolved by the end of the chapter so the reader doesn’t have to worry about remembering a fact or not. This makes it seem like your reading a new...

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