The Glass Ceiling And The Lack Of Female Executive Leadership

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The existence of the glass ceiling reminds us of current issues in gender equality and female leadership, faced by the business community both in the United States and abroad. The Civil rights movement and incentives towards feminization of various aspects of public life resulted in official recognition of equal rights and opportunities for female professionals; however, in many cases such recognition takes purely formal shapes. In too many cases women get professionally discriminated at work place. They get paid less, have fewer opportunities for promotion, and in case of performance management or even downsizing, are often considered the first to be purged from a company. The number of female CEOs in companies, both in America and abroad, remains very low, although there are signs of improvement that are being seen. It is paradox, as in other areas of professional life, such as governmental institutions or even the military, there seems to be far less discrimination, although a sort of glass ceiling also remains. It may be proven, that these obstacles to professional growth of female executives are of artificial nature, and the working style of women is by no means inferior to that of males. There are various points of view and outlook on the Glass ceiling at the executive level for female leaders in large organizations and a number of facts that verify that female professionals deserve equal rights and working conditions.
The glass ceiling is a phenomenon which originated within the past few decades and may be defined as lack of promotion opportunities for female professionals at an executive level. It is true that excessive discrimination by gender is punishable by law in vast majority of developed democratic nations, however many companies find loopholes of various nature in order to prevent appointment of women to executive positions. This is the semantic meaning of glass ceiling in this regard – the target is theoretically achievable and may be seen by a female professional, but she cannot reach it due to some informal oppression and inequality. This may be considered to be one of the most outrageous acts of sexism imaginable. It is proven by various examples worldwide that women are no less capable of making efficient executive decisions and provide proper strategic guidance to their companies.
Although it would be highly inappropriate to define female leadership style as inferior to the male one, there are certain differences in perception of career and professional duties between the two genders, and it has to be kept into account. While it does not of course signify the inability of female professionals to provide efficient professional services and strategic guidance, this factor nevertheless should not be neglected.
It is commonly acknowledged that there is a discrepancy even at the general emotional and intuitive level between male and female professionals. It is widely believed that male employees are more concentrated on purely...

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